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    Yes, it includes goals in extra time. And it does not "pro rate" the goals per game average by adding the extra minutes (i.e., you could count a 120-minute game as 1.33 games). While it might be interesting to analyze scoring rates that way, I used the standard way of doing it. Just count the goals and games (no matter how long they last).
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    May 3, 2003
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    Final numbers:

    Overall goals per match: 2.27

    Group stage: 2.10
    Knockout stage: 2.75

    Another way of looking at it:

    First round of group stage: 1.56
    2nd & 3rd rounds of group state: 2.38
    Knockout: 2.75

    Goals increased as the tournament progressed.
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    Bizarre tournament. lackluster at the beginning and a lot to be desired in the final, but the rest of the month was pretty good for neutrals.

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