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    I thought you might enjoy this book introduction from a new book - Portrait of Passion. www.portraitofpassion.com.

    This book is about playing soccer when you’re five years old. It’s about playing soccer when you only have a ball and some grass. It’s about playing soccer when your high school friends are watching. It’s about playing soccer to get a college degree. It’s about playing soccer hurt. It’s about playing soccer for your parents, your friends, the ones you love. Yourself. Your country.

    The pictures and stories are of athletes who are like every other athlete who rises to the top. They start young, and learn to laugh inside when they do something well. It feeds them to do more. They are survivors, the ones who are driven, the ones who are lucky, the ones havethe knack for persevering. Being consistent. Being trustworthy. The ones who know how to win.

    This book is about a game that flows from end to end. No place to get a blast of oxygen. No time outs. No excuses. Just shin guards and a handful of rules. And the ability to dance on a moving ball. Or nail it.

    It’s a game that grabs the world’s imagination, yet fights for every second of recognition it gets at home in the United States. It’s a game of vision, of what you see in your teammates. Of knowing what is developing on the field before anyone can see it. Anticipation. Timing. Accuracy. Chess with sweat, strength and speed. Women’s soccer. Passion. Yours for the taking.

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    The old thread ideas are the best. (I realize this is turning into the "Women's Fans & Player Threads & Let's Shift Some Product" forum ... @blissett, sorry for relegating that crispy donut thread, feel free to revive it anytime you like) :D

    As mentioned in the history thread, Jean Williams' British retrospective from 2003 is an academic masterwork


    Less academic, but it sounds promising


    Good advice:

    Of course, for some players their slogan is "Never Say 'Pass'"

    [​IMG] And a book from Italy that @blissett brought up, also in the history thread

    I assume Gwendolyn Oxenham's book is very good too, but haven't tracked it down yet. (Her movie was the best movie.)

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