Wizards Long for Victory - KC Star (9/25)

Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by PezJunkie, Sep 25, 2003.

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    from Bob Luder's article above:
    "Wizards players, coaches and front-office personnel keep saying that the club has yet to become desperate for a victory."

    Does say something more about disillusioned club priorities going 0-7-2 or more about a league structure where 8 of 10 teams make the playoffs?

    PS. Let me add that as of right now we would be 9th in the single table format and out of the post season if last years playoff method was used.

    Remember before this sad run we're in 1st place, now we're just 10 points ahead of Dallas (we have just 2 more wins than the Burn). LA has passed us in points and you can bet we won't get a road win at the HDC. Granted I think Ruiz (CP's) is out but they'll be some homecookin' somewhere out of this match that LA probably won't even need.
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    Of course there isn't desparation yet. KC has points to piss away before that happens. Finishing third in the West gets you a shot at Colorado, a team that will play closer to mortal the recent peak form.

    All totalled, a look at a team with an apparent healthy outlook to a period of games where they have been mostly competitive. I'll admit I would prefer to read about someone naming some names preceeding a sentence about raising his individual and team game.

    The article does smack of a writer who isn't going to write what could be written. It was obvious at half time watching the guys roll to the locker room that frustration is basicly the teams' breakfast cereal at the moment. Preki was visibly complaining to a teammate about tactics.

    I think we can read into the title that more has been said to the author than we will ever read.

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