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  1. A few weeks ago, I saw my first W-League game, the championship, on TV. A few minutes ago, I was surfing the WPSL's site, because I'm originally from out west where the W-league doesn't operate. I noticed I have several old acquaintances on the Storm and the Elk Grove Pride. This started me on a mad chase of windmills, dreaming that Fox might some day also give TV time to the WPSL. I've only seen one game in that league (Vancouver at SDWFC a couple years back), but I just loved it! I wish its championship would be televised too(unless it has and I just havent noticed)! Hell, while I'm chasing windmills, hey Fox---how about a Fox Women's Soccer channel?! USWNT, WPSL, W-League, WUSA, U-19's and on and on!! Gee, dreaming is fun! lol
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    Great idea. You know what all of us are going to start dreaming about now. Womens soccer all the time - Too good to be true.
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    As the WUSA becomes more popular the chances of W-League games being picked up and shown on Fox Sports World, or other chs, increases.

    The A-League was almost unknown on TV until the third year of the MLS and then games began to appear until this year when there is an A-League game each week on FSW.

    This same pattern will, hopefully, apply to the WUSA and the W-League.

    While a "women's" soccer channel is, mostly, out of the question, a Fox soccer ch is not. FSW has a lot of games both live and delayed already from all over and the A-League, W-League, and the minor and youth international tournaments could fill a schedule quite well even without the addition of the MLS and WUSA.

    We can but dream but it is not near as much a pipe dream as it was ten years ago or even three.
  4. Absolutely. But even though the WPSL is seen my many as an equal to the W-League (I initially thought it was supopsed to be a D III league), due to the fact that it supposedly started with teams that seceded from the W-league, it still seems that recognition of the WPSL lags significantly behind the W-League. Therefore, I feel like the W-League is going to start steamrolling waaaaaay before the WPSL does in TV attention.

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