Will the PASL expand to the south and east coast?

Discussion in 'Pro Indoor Soccer' started by sirexcaliber, Aug 15, 2012.

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    In an April 6 2012 article in Philadelphia business journal (John George Senior Reporter- Philadelphia Business Journal) the owner of the Philadelphia Kixx stated that the only reason why his team did not join the PASL for the 2012-13 season was due to the league not having an east coast presence. That the expense to the team for travelling to the mid west and west coast for games would be too much for his team. IMPO I feel with the PASL having 11 teams and adding four teams in 2012-13 Dallas Sidekicks, Harrisburg Heat, Las Vegas Legends,Tucson Extreme, and Tulsa Revolution in 2013-14 to make it total of 16 teams. This would seem to push the PASL to the fore front of indoor soccer. The MISL is a league still struggling to become a viable league. While the PASL slowly makes inroads into smaller markets with smaller arena venues. But i think its time the PASL should start to look into expansion into the south and east coast markets. As it would stand right now 11 of the teams are west of the Mississippi river leaving just six to the east. If the PASL were to make this move over the next several years. the PASL could become the premier indoor soccer league of course this is just my opinion. :)
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    "Fore front of indoor soccer"?

    Maybe when the teams start averaging 5,000 a game.
    And the Milwaukee Wave and/or the Baltimore Blast make the switch...

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