Will signing Pulisic help Chelsea break USA Market?

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    lub’s profile in the United States.

    Regarded as one of the best talents in the Bundesliga, Chelsea ended months of transfer speculation by convincing the young man to reject the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United and make the move to Stamford Bridge, in a deal worth around £57 million.

    It is unclear whether or not he is the immediate replacement for Eden Hazard, who is heavily tipped to pack his bags and leave for Real Madrid at the end of the season, especially as the Belgian has failed time and time again to commit his long-term future to Chelsea.

    But ahead of his summer arrival to Stamford Bridge, Buck has admitted that he will hopefully help Chelsea boost the clubs profile in America.

    “He’s a personable boy. He’s well-liked in this country,” Buck told Associated Press.

    “So, of course I would expect him when we come here and play some friendly matches, which is what our objective is in the summer of 2020. Then yes, I think he will he will be helpful.

    Do you guys agree?

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