Why was Bush discharged from the Guard?

Discussion in 'Elections' started by superdave, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Bush had a "961" PTI code. What does it mean?

    If he had been discharged to join up in Massachusetts, he would have had a different PTI code. So we know he and his people are lying.

    Read the whole thing for the details.
  2. nicephoras

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    This horse has been flagged so bad that with this thread, its officially undead.
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    This is one horse I don't mind seeing flogged even when down, dead, stiff, and decaying.
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    Sad but true. Reading through this it does seem to be the final incontrovertible proof that people have been after, showing once and for all that Bush was kicked out of the Guard and never really completed his duty. But people who have been paying attention knew that already so all this really helps is the future archivist.
  5. nicephoras

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    Its been a long day. The horse has been flogged, not flagged. Feh.
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    Too bad this piece of info didn't materialize back in May when this issue gathered steam. It could have had an impact.

  7. Dan Loney

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    So, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes are still employed, and duelling accusations between Lockhart and Rove over who leaked the memos are still on the table. This story literally vanished overnight.

    I'm starting to think it was Rove all along, since there clearly were more damaging documents that had not been released. Or, perhaps it was something as simple as George Coon being both unwilling to go on the record and unable to provide Bill Burkett with the originals, after CBS was led to believe either he would or else he would not have to in order to back up the story.

    In any case, this is a story that will probably bleed over after the election - certainly if Bush is elected. Maybe 961 means "busted smuggling state-of-the-art IBM Selectric Typewriters."

    I'm thinking, like most people, 961 means "drugged-up, boozed-up, and as bisexual as the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a recently released film destined for obscurity."
  8. dfb547490

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    I don't claim to know what any of that bureaucratic gibberish and double-speak means exactly, but Dave, that ain't exactly the most unbiased web site in the world, and the PDF files it links to could have easily been forged or electronically altered.

    I'll wait and hear about it from a respectable source, like CB...oh wait...
  9. skipshady

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