Why soccer ( Football ) ?

Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by strawberryfields, Dec 27, 2005.

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    There are thousands different kind of sports in the world but, why most of people had chosen soccer as their favourite sport, what makes soccer so popular in the whole world ?
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    Well, it is a simple and fun game where people can understand and enjoy. Furthermore, the British Empire was at its height when the sport took off. British seamen and businessmen brought the game to continental Europe and South America. Most of the top clubs around the world were founded by British expats. Why were there so many British expats aboard? It was because Great Britain was strong and its international bsuiness were everywhere.
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    This might perhaps explain why the U.S. has engaged in several wars with only a 230-year history (Mexico, Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Spain, England, Indian Wars, Central American invasions in Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, etc.) Its our unique way of Americanizing the world so they can accept our national sport as their national sport, baseball. So far it has worked in the Far East, Caribbean (Spanish-American war), and those parts of Central America. I guess the Middle East is currently undergoing the process of "baseballism".
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    Also the concept of team sports was quite new, so it wasn't like we had to oust the indigenous sport to get it accepted. The same is largely true of places where baseball has taken off.

    "The Empire" countries were actually the least successful ones in terms of exporting the game. They tended to be more controlled by the upper classes, who preferred rugby and cricket, hence the popularity of those sports there. It was more the trade ships, which went pretty much everywhere, rather than imperial influence. Argentina & Uruguay, for example, took to it before most of europe did, and imperial possessions down that way were rather limited.

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