Why is Moyes holding Tim Cahill Back?

Discussion in 'Everton' started by Cloudkicker09, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Tim Cahill is one of the best players we have and especially after his incredible performance in the world cup, he should be made captain and a striker.

    Why in G-d's name is Moyes holding Tim back? Restricting his ability to get up there and score? He is an attacking player who is well known for getting in there and scoring goals?
  2. The Old Lady Hertha

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    Well right now tactically its a bit weird. Hibbo's out so we have to deputise Neville at RB. Carsley is now our midfielder at Neville's spot..and well he needs help. Arteta is there to help him.

    Cahill has always been used in our system as an attacking midfielder. We already have good striking options. Once Neville goes back to his original midfield spot, I think we will see Timmy back.

    As for him being captain...I think Phil Neville is a better choice. The way he organizes things in the midfield (when he plays at midfield) just makes him a natural captain. However, I think Cahill may be vice-captain soon.

    Hopefully, Moyes will see after this game how important he is to our squad. I think he should start every game to be honest, along with Arteta (who is our 2nd most important player because he is the playmaker) and Osman.
  3. Forever Everton

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    Ya Neville is definitley a better choice for captain. Cahill will be a big part of our team if we are to do good. He should play on the right wing he can be very effective there. I think we need a good winger or a defensive Midfielder, IMO are line-up should look this when at 100% health and assuming they use 4-4-2





    Not to sure how our finacial situation is but we gotta have some money. I would like to us go for another good midfielder someone who can play on the left side of the wing and can play good defense as well or just try to find a big fast aggresive defensive MF, and somehow get rid of Davies no disrespect I just lost my patience with him!

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    Dec 4, 2005
    Cahill would score more goals from Striker than beattie, tht i have no doubt
  5. sarabella

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    Jun 22, 2004
    What is right for the Socceroos isn't necessarily what's right for Everton.

    I don't think Moyes is holding Cahill back in the least. Like TOLH said, he's always been used as an attacking midfielder and he's been quite successful at it. That's his role in our system and he knows it. I don't see how our system holds him back in the least - he may not be a "striker", but he's always in the box and always has the potential to score. To say otherwise is ridiculous.

    As for the captain bit, I don't think Tim is it. No offense, but I think we have a few other candidates for captaincy before Cahill. I'm with the others and think Neville should be it.
  6. The Old Lady Hertha

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    You make a good point, and Moyes has said that he wants to try Cahill as a bit of a supporting striker. But thats not the way we should play, we should'nt try to make Cahill into a veritable target man. His main asset is ghosting his way into the box and getting his head to the ball, not being like a Beattie or a Duncan Ferguson and just be a big log in the front. There is much more to Cahill's game and I think he would be wasted as striker. He's a decent distributer and when he comes in late for the "ghosting header," there's very few who do it better. :cool:
  7. TrooperBari

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    Cahill is an ideal attacking midfielder in a 4-5-1 system -- makes good runs from deep, deadly in the box and combative in midfield.

    Problem is, where do you stick him in a 4-4-2? He's wasted out wide playing winger, but putting him in central midfield bumps Carsley or Neville out the lineup (assuming Arteta is healthy, and he'd better be). That means he needs to do the dirty work in front of the back four, limiting his ability to get forward and increasing his chances of another booking.

    It's not an easy problem to solve. That's why Moysey gets the big bucks, while people like me sit at home and play Championship Manager. :p
  8. 655321

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    Jul 21, 2002
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    Being made striker is not a promotion or reward for doing well. It's done only when it makes sense for the good of the squad.

    And why should doing well for Australia translate into being Everton's captain? Neville is a far more experienced player.

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