Who Will be in Center Mid against Korea and Sweden?

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by DoctorD, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. DoctorD

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    Sep 29, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
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    United States
    Or perhaps "who should be center mid?"

    If Grant Wahl is correct, the USMNT will play friendlies against Korea and Sweden early next year. Assuming Herr Donovan will be trying out for his team in the Canary Isles, who will be in the center mid positions?



    Dmid we have Zavagnin, Dempsey, and Mastro as possibilities - or even Olsen.
  2. rkeane15

    rkeane15 New Member

    Jan 25, 2004
    Portland, OR
    possibly Gaven. It will be interesting to see our team w/o Landon. When was the last time he didnt play a nats game? I guess if Mathis is w/ Real he could play the position. I personaly don't think he will be playing w/ Real though.
  3. swedcrip34

    swedcrip34 New Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    I'm excited to see how Gaven looks. I think he may make a strong push to start in 2006. Somehow I have to believe the plan was for him to play in place of Corrales against Jamaica before he became unavailable. I just have too much confidence in Arena to think otherwise.
  4. babytiger2001

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    Dec 29, 2000
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    Provided that Mathis comes back to MLS as an allocated player, I think the opportunity would be better left to someone else, to fill the center mid position.

    These games that are proposed and rumored-- mind you, they seem to be far from official, yet-- would be fantastic opportunities to blood new players at any of a number of positions, central midfield included.

    I, for one, would love to see Gaven there, but Martino might need a bit more seasoning there as well. His opportunities to play in "game" situations have been few and far between, and these games might provide better chances to gauge his status.

    Mathis has been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Let's give some other players, and younger players a chance while we have the opportunities to do so.
  5. galaxyfan03

    galaxyfan03 Member

    Jul 4, 2001
    Glendale, California
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    Gaven is strictly a RM, isn't he?? Mathis hasn't played in quite some time & might not be prepared to handle the duties at CM. Convey, from all reports, is not doing that well at Reading & IMHO Bruce will not bring him over for some friendlies with his club status in question.

    Therefore, Martino should get the start at CM. Based on his play in MLS this past year, he should be ready for the challenge.

    Any word on when the USSF will confirm the matches, dates & venues for Korea & Sweden??
  6. Tmagic77

    Tmagic77 Member+

    Feb 10, 2003
    Chicago Fire
    Gaven is a center attacking mid first and foremost. He can play either wing though.
  7. IMOX77

    IMOX77 New Member

    Jun 15, 2003
    Long Island, NY
    Since we do not know the exact dates there is a good chance Gaven will not play in these friendlies. In January the US u20's will be holding a long camp at the home depot center in preperation for CONCACAF under 20 qualifying
  8. rkeane15

    rkeane15 New Member

    Jan 25, 2004
    Portland, OR
    I would love to see either gaven or marino. To me, Martino seems to be one of the most skilled on the ball players we have. He's has some pretty silky moves. I'm not sure how he is at running an attack tough.
  9. strider026

    strider026 New Member

    Aug 7, 2002
  10. IMOX77

    IMOX77 New Member

    Jun 15, 2003
    Long Island, NY
    For a friendly? IMO i doubt that, I think he would be with u20's trying to qualify for the 2005 WYC if these games are at the same time. Bruce doesnt "need him" for a friendly. Gaven is someone that Bruce sees a bright future in and would like him to get national team expierence but US soccer takes qualifying for big youth events very seriously and Gaven is not a nat regular. For instance if the games are at the same time and Manchester United released Spector do you really think he would be playing in the friendlies or helping the u20s qualify for Netherlands WYC 2005?

    USvsIRELAND Member+

    Jul 19, 2004

    Ben Olsen!!!!!
    so underrated He's such a worker. Great player.
  12. TAKK

    TAKK New Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    Westchester, NY
    One thing is for certain. If Martino doesn't get a real look this winter without the Euro guys there then we know that BA just doesn't think all that much of him.

    If not then? When?
  13. ttrevett

    ttrevett Member+

    Apr 2, 2002
    Atlanta, GA
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    United States
    Couple of options,
    1. DMB: He may be seasoned enough with his PT in Holland to fill-in for the center mid with someone else playing left mid (Lewis?)
    2. Dempsey: When he came on against Jamaica, I think he was playing this role.
    3. Martino: Afew years ago I would have said he was a lock to be in this position with Donovan concentrating on striker, but how time has corrected me.

    Not Mastro (not a playmaker or "quarterback" but very good at what he does, ditto for Zavagnin, who some may believe will be in Europe anyway, and also please not Olsen, his ship sailed a long time ago. If not any of the above, I hope there is some new blood I'm forgetting and Bruce isn't going to just play the old standbys in these games.
  14. Stiles

    Stiles New Member

    Nov 21, 2004
    What about giving DC's Brian Carroll a shot? He has some U-23 experience, and I think he played in every game for DC this year.
  15. WFU03

    WFU03 Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    DC United
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    United States
    As much as I love Carroll, unless we're talking d-mid, no way. If we're talking d-mid, then I still think he's a year or two away. But, he is one of the most underrated d-mids in MLS.
  16. Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Member+

    Dec 23, 2003
    Somerville, MA
    FC Dallas
    There are going to be very few opportunities for Bruce to look at some fresh faces before the Hex. Therefore I expect to see some MLS players getting a shot here. Martino and Dempsey would be very interesting indeed. Maybe Mulrooney and Olsen deserve more of a look at DMid. Center Attacking Mid is a position the US needs to develop some depth. We all know what Clintinho and LD can do, so give Martino a look.
  17. DoctorD

    DoctorD Member+

    Sep 29, 2002
    Philadelphia Union
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    United States
    Bruce does know what Martino can do at A-M since he played him there during the Confed. Cup in '03. But Kyle was knocked out of that series by physical play and my impression is that he could still be knocked off his game by physical play in MLS this year.

    Still I'd see Martino as the first choice. Also like the Dempsey idea. Although he is a rookie, he really looked self-assured vs Jamaica.
  18. rkeane15

    rkeane15 New Member

    Jan 25, 2004
    Portland, OR
    Some have mentioned Dempsy could play a D-mid role, kinda like Vieira. We could put out a very youthful midfield with martino attacking and dempsy as a "d-mid." Something like this.
    -------(europlayer but oh well) Van Beasley----------Gaven
    They can all play any position in the midfield, so we could bring out a total football like strategy, w/ players swaping all game long. I guess Dempsy is the only one that could play the d-mid though, maybe Beasley. I know it would never happen but i can dream.
  19. TAKK

    TAKK New Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    Westchester, NY
    Martino got hurt that match (Cameroon, should have been a red card IMO), after showing well, but that was the only time I remember him there. I think a lot of people want to see him again based on that performance alone (30-40 minutes?).

    I would have thought he would have made it back by now, but he hasn't.

    Really thought he would have maybe gotten on the squad, or at least the bench, for one match during the last round but CR when healthy is an auto lock for BA leaving Martino with little chance. I think he is the type of player who will play better with more skilled guys around him. He should get his chance this winter.

    C'mon Kyle, give us some more to complain about here. Put on a good show to make CR not so automatic anymore. At least push him. Make him look over his shoulder just a little. He hasn't had to on the Nats, and he's getting old and slow. Will you take your chance or let CR feel as comfortable as ever?
  20. Shaster

    Shaster Member+

    Apr 13, 1999
    El Cerrito, CA, USA
    Last year, Arena called in 30 men for Dec. camp with 27 from MLS and 3 from overseas. Here are the list of them:

    Overseas--Barrett, Gibbs, Rusell
    MLS--Albright, Armas, Califf, Cannon, Cunningham, Curtin, Garcia, Hartman, Hejduk, Klein, Lotschou, Mastroeni, McBride, Mulrooney, Mullan, Noonan, Olsen, Perez, Pope, Ralston, Razov, Talley, Thornton, Walker, Wolff, Wolyniez.

    Before the Jamaica game, here is the 24 name lists:

    Overseas--Keller, Spector, Onyewu, McBride, Corrales, Donovan.
    MLS--Busch, Cannon, Reis, Suarez, Sanneh, Califf, Albright, Mastroeni, Mullan, Dempsey, Ralston, Clark, Martino, Johnson, Ching, Cunnigham, Twellmen, Gibbs.

    So from the game day rosters, we know that Cannon, Albright, Sanneh, Gibbs, Mastroeni, Mullan, Dempsey, Ralston, Martino, Johnson, Ching and Twellmen are in final 18. So there are must another 18 players if we will get 30 this time.

    Overseas--With winter break, those players in USA team picture such as Cherundolo, Vanney, etc. would skip the Dec. camp but come to Jan. camp. But players need to establish the positions, will come to Dec. camp. I can see three players come:

    (3) West, Russell, and Barrett. Spector may play for WBA that time.

    Here are 15 players I guess from MLS beside the above list--US regulars and DC and KC. DC will be rewarded with the CUP:

    Armas, Hedjuk, Zavignin, Wolff, Walker, Pope, Gaven, Walker, Rimando, Olsen, Esky, Namof, Conrad, Califf and Clark will make the list.

    So the center midfield will be Armas, Zavignin, Mastroeni, Dempsey, Martino, Clark, Olsen, and Gaven.
  21. galperin

    galperin Member

    Feb 1, 2001
    Maineville, OH
    LOL !
  22. thehands1616

    thehands1616 New Member

    Feb 15, 2004
    little island
    so gay..
  23. rkeane15

    rkeane15 New Member

    Jan 25, 2004
    Portland, OR
    so original.
  24. SeeJay07

    SeeJay07 New Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    Fairfax, Virginia
    Wonder if Arena might go to a box midfield if Beasley is tied up overseas, maybe Zavagnin overseas.

    Martino and Gaven attacking with Dempsey and Armas/Zavagnin playing the more defensive role. Gives Martino and Gaven the freedom to roam with Dempsey jumping into the offense while Armas or Zavagnin can hold back and be the hinge.

    This might work well if McBride could hold the ball up top and give space to another guy like Wolff or EJ to use their speed.

    What do you guys think?
  25. twenty

    twenty New Member

    Sep 28, 2004
    I think it should be Martino. He seems to make the most sense. Sticking Gaven in the 10 spot in his second game (first start) would be a tough ask. Same with Dempsey. Bobby should be left with his team, since his coach seems to be getting pissy over all the callups. Mathis: we all know what he can do.

    Martino, on the other hand, is the player most deserving of a shot. He has experience with the national team and he plays attacking center mid for Columbus, so Bruce wouldn't exactly be throwing him into an unfamiliar situation. (Compare that to Gaven, who has some 10 minutes of senior team playing time and plays left wing for NY.)

    None of this is true. First of all, Martino was knocked out by a very vicious challenge. He showed no real signs of being knocked around or whatever during the tournament before his injury or in MLS after the injury.

    And Bruce has not seen what he can do. He showed huge improvement in MLS this season and has even shown an increase in maturity and leadership ability (especially after Cunningham got benched). If anyone is deserving of a chance it is him. He played great in the Confed Cup, got injured, recovered his health and his form (not the case with many players) and has not really been given another chance to prove himself on the national team again yet.

    I'd like to see something like this:


    I know DeMarcus may not get called in, so sub in whoever for him. Gaven should play on the right, since that's the spot that's up for grabs now. I think Martino is a good candidate for the right wing too. That's probably the easiest place to break into the team right now.

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