Who will be gone in 2003

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by Soccer Doc, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Soccer Doc

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    Nov 30, 2001
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    With the Fire and Crew at 31 points and the Mutts owning us this season I think that while we still have a chance at a playoff spot, post season play for us is highly unlikely. It may still be hot out but Im ready for the off season "stove-pipe league" to begin.

    I suspect that this off season will again be a time of "Rebuilding" for the Revs although how do you rebuild something that was never built in the first place.

    Who will retire or be waived by the Revs? Lets remember this is MLS with single entry.

    I think we will see Kamler, Sommer and Rooney retire and the Revs waive or trade APC and Harris. I also think Downing and Asad will be on the bubble. Neither has been able to step up and show that they rate a regular roster slot. What happens with Serna is anyones guess. If he can land a spot overseas he will be gone. After the way things have gone for him this year that may be a hard sell.

    Who stays:
    Brown, Pierce, Kante, Llamosa, Franchino, Cullen, Heaps, Hernandez, Ralston, Cloutier, Griffith, Leonard, TnT, Fuller and maybe Serna

    Key Needs:
    Second keeper (draft or trade)
    Quyality DMF (greatest need)
    Another forward (draft or trade)
    Creative midfielder (does Nichols want one?)

    The Revs should have some good Cap space and at least one SI slot with which to go out and get a solid DMF.

    Of course a lot depends on who will be coaching. SN hasn't righted the ship and as a "Interum" may well be gone. If he is I suspect we will see Todds old A-League partner as the new Rev coach.
  2. Mike Marshall

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    Feb 16, 2000
    Woburn, MA
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    I think they're all gone, one way or another. And I'd add Diego Serna's name to the list, because I don't think the organization wants him back.
    From what Downing says, he's still got two more years of roster protection. He should take all of next season and go play every week for the Connecticut Wolves or the Western Mass Pioneers. I'm not sure about Asad's status.
    More or less, except that I'd add a central defender to the list, and note that we need depth everywhere.
    Personally, I think TS and SN will both be shown the door at the end of this season. My guess with absolutely zero inside information is that Nicol's about 80% certain to be shown the door, and that TS is no better than 50/50.
  3. Jon Martin

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    Apr 25, 2000
    SE Mass
    I think George is right to focus on the DMF position as being one that needs to be solidified, but as we currently have Hernandez, Cullen, Cloutier, Rooney, Franchino, give or take Asad competing for that position, I would be surprised to see a new big name brought in for that spot. Actually I would be surprised to see a big name brought in for any spot. Of the above list, I would think that three will go.

    I would list as priorities:
    1) A permanent, star-quality left back.
    2) A forward to take the heat off TnT.
    3) A midfielder who can hold the ball, dictate the pace, pass and score an occasional goal. But then doesn't everyone want one of those - this type of player has always been MLS' most prized entity. No team that has one will trade him <cough,gag>.
  4. Soccer Doc

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    Nov 30, 2001
    Keene, NH
    New England Revolution
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    United States
    I agree with you Mike. The way that the franchise has been managed in the past two years, especially this year of all the preseason hype begs for change. But I think Todd will keep his job for at least another year and SN may also if Todd is convinced that SN has a workable plan for how to build the team from the current core and has shown the ability to get the players to play with heart (which I think he has). The last thing this franchise needs is more changes without clear evidence that the changes will result in significant improvement. My guess is that SN will stay on as well--if--the Revs make a good showing down the stretch (I'm not talking about making the playoffs--just playing better soccer) now that we have a healthy roster again.
  5. Rodan

    Rodan New Member

    Feb 16, 1999
    It all may come down to the last 7 games for the management.

    A) If the Revs make the playoffs (100-to-1 shot), most likely everyone stays .
    B) If the Revs play some decent soccer and earn some points, who knows?
    C) If the team continues to play like its last two games (injuries or not), Ciao baby...

    BTW, the Columbus win could pretty much put the playoffs out of reach. The Revs really have to win 5 out of their last 7 to have a chance to advance - and right now, with all the new faces, they're playing pretty much like a preseason team. Frankly, it would take a miracle.

    Clutch win by the Crew who had to rely on some youngsters to get the come-from-behind win.

    So it looks like scenario B) or C) (and either the 1st or second pick in the SuperDraft).

    I would think the following players will/should be gone:

    Serna (overseas)
    Chacon (back to Honduras)
    Rooney (A-league)
    Assad (A-league; he really could use the consistant playing time)
    Sommer (retire)

    I agree that Kamler, and Downing might as well stay. Wolde, it depends if the Revs can come up with another backup forward.

    Llamosa's got one, maybe two years left - hopefully.

    Big needs:
    Left fullback (this would move Franchino to Dmid and the Revs just might get by).
    Young scoring threat
    Backup keeper

    Then of course, the Revs need depth at just about every other position except right fullback
  6. Soccer Doc

    Soccer Doc Member+

    Nov 30, 2001
    Keene, NH
    New England Revolution
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    United States
    OK so we add P-40 Downing in one of the four DV roster slots.

    I wonder if the league will add a Reserve team system over the winter? I wonder what that would mean in terms of the Developmental Roster system and P-40 system?

    How close are Kante and Griffith to moving to SI status?
    As far as I can see our only SI's now are Serna and APC and one if not both will be gone by spring training. One of the reasons the Revs have done poorly this year is because they have gotten almost no production from their 3 SI slots which should be filled with impact players. Ours have had NO IMPACT at all.

    What is the status of the allocation system and will there still be a "You Suck" allocation?
  7. The Magpie

    The Magpie Member

    Nov 19, 1998
    Cambridge, MA
    From what Downing says, he's still got two more years of roster protection. He should take all of next season and go play every week for the Connecticut Wolves or the Western Mass Pioneers...

    Agreed. It's not hard to see that the problem isn't lack of skill, but rather, match experience. This is still a young player who'd benefit tremendously from playing regulary. This kid didn't make the U-20 National Team by pulling an invite out of a Frosted Flakes box, but he needs seasoning.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Kamler, Rooney, and Sommer gone either. Rooney will be 35 at the end of 2003, and Sommer will be 34 at the end of 2003. Kamler will be 31, but whether he stays depends on what the Revs chose to do with the left-midfield position. It's still too early to tell what Griffiths can do, but the player does seem to have pace and some good ball skills at that position.

    Rooney? My guess is that he'll play a bit longer, probably for some club in the A-League looking for experience.

    Sommer? I think he'll make one heck of a coach, most likely sooner than later. He's already a volunteer assistant coach at Harvard, but his mix of experience and personality would translate well to mentoring younger players. At his age and when factoring in Brown's play of late, Sommer's not the future of this franchise.

    Harris could be another player let go, and one who might do well to consider regular minutes of an A-League club. Maybe that'll be what it takes to regain a scoring touch, and you have to figure he wouldn't mind being a marquee player again if but with a smaller club.

    I doubt Serna will be back.

    DMF needs to be worked out, especially if Rooney goes. Hernandez poses a tough case: on one hand he leaves the impression that he doesn't care much for the team at the moment, yet he is contributing. Whether or not he stays will probably be his choice and not that of the Revs. I.e., Hernandez will look out for himself and make the best decision for him.

    That being said, I wouldn't mind moving Franchino back to more of a d-mid position, getting us a true left back. Maybe that's where Marshall Leonard can step in, maybe not, but it sounds like there's enough there where we should give him a chance.

    We need an effective strike partner for Twellman, and please Lord, get that kid a nice fat/long-term contract.

    Just hypothetically thinking, but here's one possible line-up we could look at factoring in a minimum of change:

    GK: Adin Brown
    RB: Rusty Pierce
    CB: Carlos Llamosa
    CB: Daouda Kante
    LB: Marhsall Leonard
    RW: Steve Ralston
    DM: Joe Franchino
    CM: (player to be named later)
    LW: Winston Griffiths
    FW: Twellman
    FW: (player to be named later)

    Free up some cap space to perhaps be used in trading up in the draft to get some good younger players.

    Just my 2 cents.

    The Magpie
  8. rkupp

    rkupp Member+

    Jan 3, 2001
    Chacon, Serna and Sommer will go. And Rooney too, I'd guess.

    Kamler returns if he wants. Ditto Llamosa. Wolde is cheap, experienced bench help at this point.

    Twellman's going to need to be renegotiated up.

    Plenty of cap room for allocations, if they materialize.
  9. George Griffin

    George Griffin New Member

    Feb 18, 1999
    Prince Edward Island
    I guess it's too early to talk about whose out there as draft picks. Some of the best talent has been heading to Europe and besides a lot can happen in the upcoming college season.

    That have been said are there any real golden nuggets out there that we might take with the first or second pick in the draft?
  10. Fiero20

    Fiero20 Member

    Aug 3, 2002
    Gillette Stadium
    Fulham FC
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    United States
    TnT wont be here for long if we dont get him a partner up front. He's already frustrated this year (saw evidence of that in LA), and I'm guessing he wants to go back overseas ASAP. As for Rooney, APC, Serna, Harris, and Sommer, bye-bye! None of these players has helped the way they should have.

    Keep Fuller, Downing, and Asad, but keep Asad down for consistent playing time, he needs it bad. ( I can imagine how hard it is to only play once a month). Fuller can develop into something, givin time. Same with Downing, I've seen some flashes of good playing from him this year.

    I also think a new system would make the team better.

    No A-Mid = No Good.
  11. Fiero20

    Fiero20 Member

    Aug 3, 2002
    Gillette Stadium
    Fulham FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I'll be available in the 2006 draft. Hopefully the revs pick me up, I can help them.
  12. JMMUSA8

    JMMUSA8 New Member

    Nov 3, 2001
    New England Revolution
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    United States
    Twellman will stay here no matter what. Revs have a 4 year contract on him with several year options. With those players that they should get rid of, they should be able to find a forward (Moore). How bout another A-mid from Brazil, our last one did pretty good. It looks like Brown is our keeper, and he looks like he's back on track. Let's pray he stays healthy. Keep Kante, use Llamosa as trading bait and see who we could get for him. A couple offseason trades (lets hope they benifit the revs this time) can strengthen the defense and provide some possession in the midfield. We dont need a rebuilt team (remember last year), but lets take a core of players and build from there. those players would be Brown, Cullen, Franchino, Heaps, Kante, Griffiths, Ralston, Hernandez, Pierce, Twellman, Fuller, and Downing.
  13. Danizinho

    Danizinho New Member

    Jul 7, 2000
    Interesting this subject came up. Ironically, I was walking behind Jon Kraft yesterday afternoon and a gust of wind blew a sheet of paper out of his Handy Dandy pocket protector, despite there being 10 pens jammed in it.

    Not surprisingly, I picked it up and read it. The note was titled Official New England Revolution Honey Do List:

    1. Call the Bada Bing Club and hire somebody to take that hater Gus Martins out for ride.

    2. Sell the entire CMGi stock portfolio when it hits $1.41 and tell the world it was a prudent business decision (Note: Fill out pension papers at the same time).

    3. Take over BigSoccer.com and completely eliminate the Revs forum.

    4. Find out where Tom Hill lives and ask him why he's always "raining" on my parade. Memo to file: Have Hill escort Martins, too.

    5. Find out what happened to that Alexi Lalas and Welton and why aren't they in the starting lineup anymore.

    6. Buy an official Reebok .. oops.. Atletica .. oops ... Umbro Revs cap.

    7. Find the exact location of Sunil Gulati's office and ask him where did Joe Cummings go to.

    8. Buy blue dress shirts with white collars, just like Papi.

    9. Get Steve Nicol a Manchester United kit for his birthday - I bet he'll love it.

    10. Start Tom Brady at midfield, team Troy Brown with Tim, oops, Taylor Twellman, Lawyer Milloy at sweeper and Tebucky Jones in goal. Oh yeah, bring Bill Belichick in as Head Coach Of The Kraft Universe.
  14. Mike Marshall

    Mike Marshall Member+

    Feb 16, 2000
    Woburn, MA
    New England Revolution
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I posted this on RevsNet the other day, but I don't mind expanding on it here.

    Top 10 College Players I'd Like to See the Revs Get:

    1. David Stokes, D, North Carolina - He's got Eddie Pope-type athleticism and potential. Big, strong, fast, good in the air, and a very good man-marker. I think he's got USMNT potential. Underwent knee surgery two years ago, but appears to have recovered fully.

    2. Diego Walsh, M, SMU - The top pure midfielder in the country, by far. While it doesn't look like former Mustangs Muhammad Fahim and Luchi Gonzalez will work out in MLS, I have little doubt that Walsh will become a star midfielder for some MLS team.

    3. Nate Jaqua, F, Portland - Has good size, athletic ability and skills. I was very impressed with his play in the PDL final against Cape Cod. Still a little bit raw, but I think he'd work well with TNT.

    4. Alecko Eskandarian, F, Virginia - Smallish forward has pretty much dominated the ACC over the past two seasons. Lacks size, but he's quick, and he's probably got more technical ability than any player in the country.

    5. Pat Noonan, M, Indiana - If the Revs hadn't signed Griffiths, he'd be higher, because I've always sort of viewed him as a left-footed Ben Olsen. Indiana will probably play him up front, but I think he'll be a midfielder in MLS.

    6. Brian Carroll, M, Wake Forest - Prototypical defensive midfielder, and a regular start for the U-20 National Team. Already a good ball-winner and distributer.

    7. Alex Yi, D, UCLA - Most people would have him higher up on this list, but I haven't really been impressed with his play since he was a regular on the Donovan-Beasley U-17 National Team. He's big and he's got decent speed, but I think he makes too many mental mistakes. He's apparently left UCLA, and is looking for a deal in Europe, but Nelson Akwari did the same thing before signing with MLS.

    8. Doug Warren, GK, Clemson - Should be the best goalie in the country this year, even though I think he's been something of a disappointment at Clemson. I think getting into a pro environment would do him a world of good.

    9. Ryan Gibbs, F, Virginia - He's got great athletic ability, and he's improving as a soccer player every year. He'd be a terrific second round pick and a guy the Revs could bring off the bench for a couple years while they groom him into a starter.

    10. Mike Tranchilla, F, Creighton - Sort of a poor man's Taylor Twellman. Doesn't have imposing size or speed, but he's very quick and has a nose for goal.
  15. Jon Martin

    Jon Martin Member+

    Apr 25, 2000
    SE Mass
    Thanks, Mike. Do you have a link for your RevsNet article?

    Also, is Stokes a two-footed or left-footed player? He sounds great.
  16. The REVerend

    The REVerend New Member

    Feb 25, 2001
    Newton, MA
    I have to disagree here. IIRC correctly Brian Dunseth pulled the Olympic team captaincy out of a box of Crunchberries.

    I'm still not convinced Nick Downing is going to be a quality MLS player. But I hope he proves me wrong...
  17. DigitalTron

    DigitalTron New Member

    Apr 4, 2001
    Arlington, VA
    Great post Mike Marshall. :) With all the discussion of needing a good left back, another name that may merit one of the top two picks is Ricky Lewis from Clemson. He's a good left back but can play either side. He's big, fast and technical. He hasn't reached his potential by any means, but he's already good and will get much much better. I've heard several times that he may be the top overall pick in the draft.


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