Who to blame for the lack of scoring?

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Richth76, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Now that I finally have my blood pressure back to normal, what do you think was the reason for our anemic offense this season?

    I do not blame the multitude of strike pairs we put out there this year I blame the middies. Let's look at a few of the folks who worked in our midfield this year.


    The only time this guy ran all year was to spit in the face of the linesman. How's that going to help with our attack. Yes, he had some nice long passes, especially at Chicago during the regular season. But come'on.


    The man has given us his heart and soul for so long that it's hard to say 'good bye'. Please let him waddle off into the sunset with grace. The defenses of MLS have just improved.


    All I can say is, how well would you perform at work if you were asked to do accounting one week and sales the next? This is the situation Earnie faced, so I don't blame him.


    Looked good a times, quiet most of the year. I hope he can finally come back from these injuries. He was one of the most exciting players in MLS before his injuries. He needs to comeback hard next year. Playing with a mid-field that's not stuck in cement may help him do that.


    I like the kids heart. I think he needs to be able to play outside of Marco's shadow. If you watched the Wizards last year you know what I'm talking about. He needs to be the man. He can't do that on the same squad as Etch and Stoich. Give him his chance and see what he can do. If he fails, he fails, but you have to give him a shot. Plus it would boost his morale following the Spurs debacle.

    Alegria: Slow

    I know a lot of folks here love him, he's a decent fill-in guy off the bench, but he's not exactly going to be staring in any fitness videos.


    Still young, made some mistakes, but I like him. He's got some skill, but he's slow!

    Alright, that's one SLOW mid-field. Against Chicago we'd work it up the wing only to play it back to mid-field. Why? Becuase we're so SLOW! This team hasn't been good since we had players with nicknames like Rocket. Did anyone else notice our offense this year left with Ali? He actually had speed.

    Rant over. Now I can sit through another winter of Wizards losses to put United's futility into better perspective.
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    actually our offense never showed up until he was traded, and left with Olsen's knee.

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