Who Can We Write To????

Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by smudgeyjoe, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. smudgeyjoe

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    Dec 15, 2001
    Westminster Colorado
    I am still unbelievably angry that the important stretch run is here, and we are stuck with the radio at best, or online at worst. The Rapids are sure glad we are fans on the 4th of July, but seem to care less at the end. I don't care if it is financially difficult, if the owner can afford to build a stadium, then he ought to be able to afford to float a couple of TV games so that loyal fans can follow their Raps on the road. It certainly is no surprise that money talks above the fans and the team. It sort of reminds of last night. I walked by the customer relations booth near the end of the Rapids-Guatemala match, at the time of the match when things were exciting and hairy. Were the Rapids personnel struggling to find out what was happening on the field? No Way!! They were watching the Cubs and the Marlins. They probably didn't even know who was playing at Invesco. Is there anyone besides rapids@mlsnet.com that we can
    e-mail to reiterate our disgust? I Hope So!!!!
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    Feb 4, 2003
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  3. Centennial

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    Apr 4, 2003
    You are so correct. Don't call Comcast because these games on ch 21 are paid for by the organization that wishes to broadcast them. It is a money issue. The Rapids pulled the games NOT COMCAST.
  4. GoRapids

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    Sep 1, 1999
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    A thought just occured to me ... we missed 6 goals this season because the last two games weren't televised ...

    That's 15% of our total goals for the entire season!!!!


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