who are the 3 over-aged players you would choose for the Olympic team?

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by klins, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. klins

    klins Member

    Jun 20, 1999
    stafford , tx, usa
    i would choose

    1- Chris Armas, he has done so much for the National team and missed Olympic 2000 and WC 02.

    2- O'brien, he would be a great playmaker for the team

    3- Twellman, pair him with Casey or Donovan to prepare them for WC 04 qualifying round
  2. eneste

    eneste Member

    Mar 24, 2000
    Pittsburgh, PA
    1. Armas - He is an absolute lock for one of the overage slots, if healthy.

    2. O'Brien - Like you said, great playmaker and can play many positions.

    3. Cherundolo - Missed out on last Olympics due to injury and we will need defensive help more than offensive help.
  3. Sandon Mibut

    Sandon Mibut Member+

    Feb 13, 2001
    I think it's way too early to tell who the overage players should be. Let's see what the strengths and weaknesses of the current U20 team are and how other 81s and 82s develop over the next year and then how they all mesh.

    Ultimately, qualifying will likely tell us who the overage players should be as it should show us who and where our weak links are.

    Personally, I'd love for the US to send an all U23 team to Athens but if there are weaknesses, we should certainly shore them up.
  4. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer New Member

    Sep 3, 1999
    My choices will be guys who are likely to want to play. It is going to disrupt their club careers after all. JOB's been in one and already been in the WC. I tend to think that he wouldn't play in another one.

    The needs are going to be on defense, that I can tell you.
  5. Hatrick

    Hatrick Member

    Not to be sounded cold-hearted, but Armas must earn the spot by his form, not past contributions . The main goal of participating in a good tournament like the Olympics is getting results. Past contributions shouldn't be preferred to real merit. Frankly, I think it's time to develop two or more defensive mids and the Olympics is a perfect opportunity to harden these guys.
  6. Preston North End

    Feb 17, 2000
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Send a all U23 squad. No overage players!
  7. metroflip73

    metroflip73 Member

    Mar 3, 2000
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I'd send Sanneh, I heard around BS that he wants to be a part.

    I'd also send Corey Gibbs, big strong defender, like Sanneh. God knows we need help in the Olympic defense.

    Midfield and strikers seem OK. Maybe an overaged middie. I'd like to say O'Brien, but maybe someone else.
  8. GersMan

    GersMan Member

    May 11, 2000
    I agree completely.
  9. terrywilson

    terrywilson Member

    May 3, 1999
    Atlanta Ga.
    Two of the players interested would be Steve and Thorton both were in the mix for 2000 but missed out due to injury. As for O'brien forget about it as he'll be playing 60 games + a year in Ajax. Sanneh if he wanted to would be great at the Libero.
  10. notebook

    notebook Member

    Jun 25, 2002
    Over Age Players from MLS

    I think the 3 over age players are likely to be from MLS since MLS will likely be more cooperative and has more to gain from getting MLS players exposure at an event that is well followed in the US. I think Wanderer is right that they are likely to be defensive players. Bocanegra, Suarez, and Howard are three names that come to mind.
  11. PAW

    PAW New Member

    Aug 27, 1999
    Ijamsville MD
    I agree with Wanderer that JOB should not be considered. Not only did he play in 2000 but Clive ran him into the ground, and I think we sent him back to Ajax injured. I would prefer to see an all U-23 squad and watch how the players progress, but we have a chance to increase the favorable coverage we have been receiving by backing up our WC performance by winning a medal. I would take Howard, Gray and Gibbs/Boca, players that would help our defense and pick up some experience as well.
  12. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    The Athens Games will be in the mid-summer. The Sydney Olympics created so many problems for European-based players because it was held in September. The Atlanta Games did not really conflict with European season. Most teams at Atlanta had their best possible lineups with three overaged players. I think the Athens Games will be the same. So if the US team wants to win the Gold, it should send three overaged players.
  13. beineke

    beineke New Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Re: Over Age Players from MLS

    Nice post -- since the Athens games will be held in the second half of August, your analysis is probably correct. The only way we'll get any Euro-based overage players is if they're glued to the pine (see Friedel and Hejduk last time).
  14. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer New Member

    Sep 3, 1999
    My two cents on the overage thing--if we really want to win it, then we should send some overagers. Now, this should be used as an international opportunity for those players who are being looked at for the senior national team, not for emotion based players selections IMHO like Armas. This competition could be valuable international experience for 3 guys who don't have the WC qualifying experience with the senior national team.
    This is why I want Arena to have lots of input with the coach of this team/player seleciton.

    Think about it--Bocanegra, Suarez, Gbandi, Gibbs et al. These guys could be hardened and ready come WC Qers in late 2004. And we definitely need to upgrade the defensive spots on the senior national team.
  15. davide

    davide Member

    Mar 1, 2001
    Yeah, it would be ideal to give the young defenders in the senior pool some needed experience before the real pressure filled WCQ.

    The set of younger defenders you mentioned have little international experience. Suarez has never played for the USA at any level. Bocanegra has only a handful of caps at the senior level and wasn't called into very many Olympics camps by Clive Charles. Gbandi hasn't even played a pro soccer game yet. Gibbs, last played internationally for the USA at Nigeria 99.

    I think Onyewu will be a lock to start at one of the spots, probably RB.

    Of course, we have to qualify without any overage players. IMHO, it's not going to be easy, especially if the final round is held outside the USA.
  16. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer New Member

    Sep 3, 1999
    And we're quickly becoming the team in CONCACAF that has the bullseye on our shirts. Mexico has failed quite miserably at the youth level lately. I'm sure that it hasn't gone unnoticed that we made the semis of the Olympic tourney and our run in this past WC was quite visible to everyone.
  17. Preston North End

    Feb 17, 2000
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I think a backline of Onyewu, Gray, Yi, Akwari, Burciaga, Salyer will be experienced enough. Only two aren't playing pro ball, though one is in the reserves with his club.

    Yi and Akwari should be playing pro ball soon. UCLA mentions them as former players on their website. Who knows when Salyer will get 1st team ball in 1.B or 2.B. He might end up doing the "Twellman" thing - spend two years in Germany, come home in 2004 and shine in MLS.

    Onyewu, Gray, and Burciaga will have more experience than Dunseth, McCarty, and Califf. There probably better to begin with anyway.

    Whitfield (Cherundolo was injured) and Corrales were the outside backs at the Oly's. I think Onyewu is better than Whitfield now and will be better than Cherundolo in two years. Akwari, Burciaga, and Salyer will be better than Corrales was in 2000. Because of this a Hejduk and Agoos (substitute Suarez and/or Bocanegra for 2004) don't need to be brought in.

    I have said in another thread that the defense would be a spot that would need help, so that tune hasn't really changed. I just don't think it is necessary.

    The 'keepers do have me worried, though if Kameni for Cameroon can have a good tournament in 2000, why can't Countess or Warren?

    All the players mentioned as possible overage additions, well at least the young US Nats, will have two years playing time with the USNT to help them get ready for WCQ in 2004. The US is in the 2003 Confed Cup and Gold Cup and very well could be in the 2004 Copa America. I think any youngins that Bruce Arena wants to bleed for the WCQ will already be bled. If anything he should look at the U23's as who can supplement the senior team during the WCQ. Use the Oly's as a place to find more depth.
  18. metroflip73

    metroflip73 Member

    Mar 3, 2000
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    We need a dmid that not only destroys, but also who can distribute.

    Armas doesn't distribute well, but I wouldn't mind him in there.
  19. BoulderBuck

    BoulderBuck BigSoccer Yellow Card

    Apr 11, 1999
    New York
    I want to win the damn thing.....

    Twellman (if he is overage at the time, this would be great WCQ experience and help a lot.)

    Obrien (Our best midfielder)

    Sanneh (Solid defender with offensive capabilities)

    I have faith in Countess and I want him to play.
  20. SeismicShift

    SeismicShift Red Card

    Jul 8, 2002
    I think it's weird to have all u-23's and then add 3 guys who are 30+. Use the 3 overage spots for guys who are slightly above the age cutoff that can best contribute.
  21. Tejas

    Tejas Member+

    Jun 3, 2000
    Bocanegra and Suarez would be likely choices provided they maintain their form and progress.
    Howard would seem a lock at keeper. I feel that defense and keeper are where having the age and experience would pay off the most.

    I don't know the selection rules, but it would be tempting to have Donovan and Beasley on this squad. Taylor Twellmann would seem automatic if he maintains the pace he is on now.

    Either way, this Olympic team has the potential to be just an unbelievable accumulation of talent.

    As for the youngins:

    Convey would seem a likely choice.


    Would love to see Jordan Stone in a D-Mid role by that point.

    I hope Ed Johnson is in the mix by that point.

    Brad Davis is making a case for inclusion.

    Kyle Martino is also a tempting choice.
  22. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer New Member

    Sep 3, 1999
    Twellman may or may not be needed. If he is then he should be one. If not then I wouldn't sweat it, because that means an age eligible attacker is good enough.

    Overagers should be guys who need international experience IMHO that the Bruce is looking at for the senior team.

    By the sounds of it Stone and Clark will be competing for the dmid spot eliminating a need for Armas. Plus you've got lots of the recent U23s(for the England tour) to mix in. We won't know where the overagers will be needed until after qualifying. Hopefully the new breed of defenders will be up to snuff and even a couple will have a chance at the senior team in 2006.
  23. Lloyd Heilbrunn

    Lloyd Heilbrunn Member+

    Feb 11, 2002
    Jupiter, Fl.
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Hard to believe no one has even mentioned Pablo yet..........
  24. DeRoDeRo

    DeRoDeRo New Member

    Jan 9, 2002
    my thoughts exactly

    a destroyer that distributes. hmmmmm


  25. Jacen McCullough

    Nov 23, 1998
    Why would anyone want to bring in JOB when there are already plenty of great left sided players on this roster. I'd bring along defense in Sanneh, and then bring in leadership. These kids have the talent, they just need the right mindset. Bring along someone like Wolff if he's healthy and Meola, who is a great bench motivator (and it would give him his swan song.)


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