Who are the 10 Mexican players?

Discussion in 'Archives: CD Chivas USA' started by Husker, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Husker

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    Mar 14, 1999
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    United States
    Watching ESPN News they have been talking about the 10 Mexican players that Chivas USA already has. Does anyone have a list of these players? I heard Rongen mention Ramon Ramirez in the interview and someone else who I missed.
  2. Various Styles

    Various Styles Member+

    Mar 1, 2000
    Los Angeles
    CD Chivas de Guadalajara
    Ramon Ramirez and Francisco Palencia are the only players selected to join Chivas USA there hasnt been news on other players, maybe in the next weeks..
  3. Crewmudgeon

    Crewmudgeon Member+

    Sep 3, 1999
    If I'm not mistaken, next year teams will be allowed to have 4 senior internationals, and 3 transitional internationals. That ads up to 7. Does that mean the last 3 will have to be youth players? Or are there players with Chivas that already have green cards. I don't get it. It must be the new math.
  4. fidlerre

    fidlerre Member+

    Oct 10, 2000
    Central Ohio
    The 2 new teams have an additional 2 SIs for a still undetermined amount of time.

    Which gives them 6 SIs and 3 TIs and maybe a player already with a Green Card?
  5. UxSxAxfooty

    UxSxAxfooty Member+

    Jan 23, 2003
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    Umm, I think they get 2 extra TIs, not SIs. So, 4 SIs and 5 TIs, but I could be wrong.
  6. ThreeApples

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    Jul 28, 1999
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    They got De La Torre, who is a dual US/Mexican citizen, so with 4 SIs and 5 TIs they could have 10 Mexicans. Also Gomez is a US-born Mexican-American.
  7. B Rock

    B Rock Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    Is Orlando Perez Mexican?
  8. Husker

    Husker New Member

    Mar 14, 1999
    Kansas City
    Sporting Kansas City
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    United States
    None of the 10 players I was asking about were players from the expansion draft. I read on the Wynalda article up on MLSNet that Alfredo Talavera was one of the players too.
  9. Autogolazo

    Autogolazo BigSoccer Supporter

    Feb 19, 2000
    Bombay Beach, CA
    Talavera or another Mexican keeper would have to be coming--they can't have the keeper, of all people, not speak Spanish. Jonny Walker was the only possibility, and when they didn't take him, that's what this meant (unless there's a trade brewing or something).
  10. murtaugh29

    murtaugh29 New Member

    Oct 4, 2004
    roja LOCURA
    2 additional TIs for two years.
  11. efernandez9

    efernandez9 Member

    Jun 6, 1999
    Joe Pool Lake
    guys, TI's?

    a transitional International? is that a player in his way to obtain the green card or some other working permit? :rolleyes:
  12. Shaydee

    Shaydee Member

    Apr 8, 2002
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    basically it's someone that can still represent their countries youth national team. 23 is the cutoff I believe. They don't count towards the four senior international spots.
  13. Beerking

    Beerking Member+

    Nov 14, 2000
    Humboldt County
    Only 10 mexican players? At least they're not racist:rolleyes:
  14. Tyler66

    Tyler66 New Member

    Apr 22, 2004
    RSL and Chivas USA got 5 TI slots apiece. Earlier Chivas USA traded Jeff Stewart for one of RSL's TI slots, so now they have 4 SI slots and 6 TI slots.

    All I heard about Mexican players coming to Chivas USA were Ramon Ramirez, Francisco Palencia, and Alfredo Talavera. But there's a thread here that says Palencia ain't coming.
  15. swedcrip34

    swedcrip34 New Member

    Mar 17, 2004
    Palencia isn't coming (he doesn't want to)

    Zuniga will likely be the keeper

    Romo and Sandoval will likely be sent to Chivas USA

    So that's 4/5 of the 10. The rest aren't known publicly

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