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Discussion in 'Technology' started by billyireland, Nov 21, 2014.

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    ...should I buy? My old one broke down on me recently so I've been doing a good bit of shopping around - was looking to get something with closer to 2.5GHz but I don't want to go over a budget of €500 max. I'll be moving to Canada in the new year and would be doing some light gaming like Civilization (nothing like Xbox/PS games apart from MAYBE FIFA), messing about with a bit of photoshop and editing but only as a hobby nothing professional so not too much needed there, watching TV/movies/sports, and just general use.

    - A return, but listed as 'A1' so must have barely been used if at all and by the looks of it is really good for €425 without any additions needed.

    - Another return but is listed as being in very good order barring that they wiped the software when restoring it (I presume) which isn't an issue for me. Would need to add 4GB RAM but that would only bring it to marginally more expensive than the other one above, and it has the added advantage of being fourth generation I-5 processor with Intel 4400 HD graphics. Seems the better option, but it's user reviews on websites are a bit inconsistent which is a worry.

    - Fourth generation I5, Intel 4400 HD graphics and it's brand new! Though factoring in a RAM upgrade it would likely come to €70-80 or so more than the other two. Aspire's seem to get pretty solid reviews... worth the mark up?

    Cheers, any help would be greatly appreciated since I've been searching all day and I've got even less patience shopping for laptops than I do for shoes! :p
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    3rd one is better then others.

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