Which league/country do you really see challenging Mexico for a title?

Discussion in 'CONCACAF Champions League' started by MisterJawn_215, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. MisterJawn_215

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    I heard a lot of people think MLS is actually the 2nd best league in Concacaf and the bullshit of "closing the gap with Liga MX" that's repeated ad nauseam when MLS has been pathetic forever and results are getting worse, not better. Actually Costa Rica's Primera Division is the 2nd best league but recently they seem to struggle more and more against Liga MX than before. This might be temporary and CR might pick it up in the future and start challenging for CCL title again since they did win it before the continued Liga MX domination began. The CanPL is launching in 2019 and since Canada has more money than Central America they could be a contender once the league matures and quality Canadian players see the field. Honduras and Panama's leagues don't have a lot of resources so I guess they might be stuck.

    So in your opinion what leagues can realistically challenge Mexico and break the domination in CCL? For me it's Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, or Canada in the future.
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    Maybe Canada if they follow a calendar like the rest of the world, if not they will be stuck in the same pit MLS is. But if Canada is to become the second best league or at least give Liga MX a run for its money, it will be more than likely in 15 plus years, not right away.
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    Canada, Costa Rica and maybe a Panamanian team.

    MLS will always be inherently AYSO spirited.
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    Aug 24, 2019
    Is that even possible with open stadiums? Imagine attending a Halifax Wanderers match in mid-December.
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    Colorado Rapids
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    Olimpia is always strong in CCL.
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