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  1. But if Toronto doen't get it's new stadium then we will lose the tournament outright, part of getting the tournament to begin with was Toronto getting the new stadium, if not ......bye bye tournament.
  2. jaydog2008

    jaydog2008 New Member

    Jan 19, 2003
    Not so if toronto does not get the stadium the semi's/3rd place game/finals will be in edmonton.
  3. Pirrip

    Pirrip New Member

    Jan 11, 2002
    Getting the tournament was not contigent on TO getting a stadium. TO getting a stadium was somewhat contingent on Canada getting the tournament. Frankly, even the CSA is not looney enough to have anything dependent upon Toronto coming through for soccer. I suppose it is a good market to hold a group with big name Euro nations in it so the posers can come out, but there is not a chance in Hell that any Canadian games would be held there. The 2007 Tourney will do just fine without Toronto. Watch Vancouver get it done 'Bhoy - er, 'rules, MLS too, while TO pines for second rate Scottish "giants" playing meaningless cash cow games at Skydome. That is pretty much all the Toronto market is good for.

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