Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by Matt in the Hat, Dec 22, 2008.

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    Its an interesting idea, and if its one that can save us from a complete command and control economy, then I would be completely for it.
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    Right, but the whole point of forcing some banks to take money was to avoid marking bad banks with a scarlet letter F for Failing. So if the Fed decides to allow some banks to avoid a fuller accounting, they've done what they were trying to avoid. They've just given out money to rich profitable institutions.

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    Rachel Maddow showed the form needed to be filled out by the banks in order to get in line for some free money last night. I didn't catch the website she mentioned but it's part of the Treasury Dept. You can download it and print it off. It's basically TWO pages. It has the banks name, how much money they want, some asset and liabilty info and the CEO's signature (or a designee if the CEO is too busy). That's it. When I refinanced my house I pretty much had to submit to a full body cavity search. If someone can find the YouTube link of her show last night, post it here and be prepared to be stunned/ pissed off.
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    The option is for everybody who borrows money to disclose to the general public their loans and investment strategies.

    I don't want my neighbors to know the size of my mortgage and its terms. Why should bigger organizations allow the same?

    Like it or not, economics 101 teaches that a healthy banking system is key to prosperity. It really sucks when banks make poor decisions and have to be bailed out. But massive bank failures are worse - unless you keep your savings under the mattress. (I'm assuming the critics on this thread were prudent enough to have some amount of savings, right?)
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    If you want money from the bank, you had better show them your business plan and/or investment strategy, or you're walking out empty-handed.

    I can log onto a real estate website and find out exactly how much you paid for your house vs. what was asked, I would suppose if I felt like it I could probably figure out your general mortgage information as well ;)

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