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    It's slowly leaking out. Iraq is a land of promise.

    Problems - sure, tons of them. But despite what the left and the press want us to believe, they are a strong, intelligent nation of people anxious for the opportunity to build a free country.

    Sorry this depresses John Kerry so much.

    Let us turn to a recent, underpublicized report from the U.S. National Democratic Institute, which sent an assessment mission to Iraq this summer (www.ndi.org). NDI's chairman is Madeleine Albright and its advisory committee includes Richard ("miserable failure") Gephardt.

    The report's first sentence: "NDI's overwhelming finding--in the north, south, Baghdad and among secular, religious, Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish groups in both urban and rural areas--is a grateful welcoming of the demise of Saddam's regime and a sense that this is a pivotal moment in Iraq's history."


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