Where can I buy Total 90 II TF in black/metallic blue colurway?

Discussion in 'Soccer Boots' started by Antonio498, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Antonio498

    Antonio498 New Member

    Aug 30, 2004
    These were the best astros I ever wore, they fell apart a few months ago and I've tried all sorts of new ones since, but none of them fit like these did.

    Problem is, none of the shops sell these anymore, especially in the black with metallic blue lace/stripe. Does anyone know of any websites that will still sell these? I live in the UK so preferably a UK site, but I'll order from abroad if nessecary. I've looked everywhere and I need some desperately - these predator pulsados I have kill my feet!

    Just as a side note, how do you rate the T90III TF? I heard it doesn't match up to the II, and what TFs do you find comfortable?

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