When is Vasquez going to be fired???

Discussion in 'Archives: CD Chivas USA' started by Chivo, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Chivo

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    Mar 31, 2005
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    This team is abysmal. No jugamos a nada.

    Hell, Thomas Rongen's 05 team played with more heart.

    And say what you will about preki, but at least we got some W's.
  2. CTS26

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    First off calm the **** down, this was expected at the begining of the season and you know it. Yes Preki may have gotten us victories but when it mattered most he couldn't produce and if you don't know what I mean I'm talking about the CCL, US Open Cup, and lets not forget the PLAYOFFS. Yes this lost hurt a lot and yes I'm pissed too but to say it's time to fire Martin Vasquez is just flat out stupid. Although I will agree that his decisions have been questionable but you have to realise that we are not out of the hunt yet granted this lose was a major set back for our run at the playoffs but to say it's time to fire him would be wrong, and lets say that they do fire him and I'm not saying they will but lets say they do, who the hell do you bring to coach this team and furthermore can this team learn a new system from a new coach fast enough to make a run for the playoffs? That anwser is no plain and simple, I know that game against the Crew was a longtime ago but to be honest that was the real Chivas USA this team I've been watching for the past three games now I do not reconise nor do I except and the ones that need firing in my opinion is our FO.:mad:
  3. hovz1105

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    Nov 14, 2009
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    Year 1. You don't fire someone in Year 1 unless the team is loaded with Talent. This team isn't as talented or experienced as previous teams. It's got Young Talent, not seasoned talent so don't toss the baby out with the bath water.

    I'd rather see a Front Office shake up. The Common thread between then and now is them. How long do you wait until you point the finger at the person/people pulling the strings?

    Preki's style may have been extremely boring, but I had no problem with it. My only problem was he couldn't keep his players healthy. Someone correct me, but i've read that he has intense practices. It would've been nice to see what could have happened had Razov and Galindo not gotten hurt a couple years back when they were half way decent.

    But for every Preki fan you may run into, you will run into someone that says it was all Bradley's doing and Preki was just keeping a seat warm. Which anyone that knows anything about sports would say is an incredibly ignorant thing to say. Thats the easiest way to spot someone who has never coached before.

    Be honest, CCL and US Open Cup don't matter. At least not as much as they should. If they did then the games wouldn't have the such low attendance numbers across the board - I am not just talking about CUSA. All these other Trophies are after thoughts. I am talking to you to so-called "SUPER" liga.

    Which is not to say I wouldn't want them to win one. Trophies in the case are never a bad thing.

    I just hope Vasquez doesn't pull a Barack Obama and blame all his troubles on George Bush/Preki.
  4. ekker3

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    Feb 10, 2007
    CD Chivas USA
    this was NOT expected at the start of the season. we've been in the playoffs for all but 1 year now, only to be one of the worst teams in MLS (both tactically and in the standings).
    - preki got us to the playoffs, where anything can happen. id rather have that than sit at the bottom of the standings. its painful watching games. i could get the same style if i went to macaurthur park and watched the locals play.
    - to say its time to fire vasquez is flat out stupid? we're 4th to last in goals scored, and 5th to last in goals allowed. we have no sense of direction. he played braun out of the effing midfield today (wtf?). he denied his best attacking option and sent him to miami. he subs in defenders when we're tied (at this point of the season, we need 3pts). no balls.
    - we're not making the playoffs. the team doesnt even think so. martin knows so.
    - part of me thinks martin might be too nice. preki brought his vicious chin and made sure everyone was doing their part. when sacha didnt hustle for a ball, he took him out of the game. i cant picture martin motivating these guys.

    so yeah CTS, if now isnt the right time to fire martin (as if 10 weeks ago wasnt), when is?

    ...and dont say once we're out of the playoff race, because we've only been playing for pride since way back when (if that).
  5. c.d.fas

    c.d.fas New Member

    Feb 14, 2009
    Real Madrid
    I thought Martin should have been fired along time ago! He got rid of good players and brings in players like Maldonado and Espinoza that have done nothing for our club!!
    Martin has no leadership skills or character to coach an MLS team.
  6. Big_Feo

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    Oct 26, 2008
    In OC!!! AAAHHHH!!!
    CD Chivas USA

    Man, that makes so much sense. Honestly, he does seem like a nice guy who want's to accomodate people. True, Preki was a tough son of a bitch and some people didn't like that but people knew he tried to win games. I see Vasquez as somebody who might not have what it takes to be the main guy who makes crucial decisions during game time.

    We have talent. Not name-recognition talent like other teams (there are a few exceptions) but I feel that we can do some damage in the league. We need to start giving Gerson, Flores, Chucky and other younger players a chance grow and get that confidence that comes with playing regularey.

    Can the case be made that this is why sometimes assistant coaches don't make good head coaches? I mean, the assitants are only following what the head coach is telling them. If a team fails, the assitant coaches know that the head coach will take the blame/heat.
  7. CubanLover

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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwq7BYOnDrM"]YouTube- Jim Mora Playoffs ! ? Long Version[/ame]
  8. Autogolazo

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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Way too much tweaking with the lineup by Vasquez.

    You saw Maldonado's strengths in the Dallas game--short passing, setting other people up because they don't know how to set him up like he likes.

    Watching him play with Alan Gordon and Braun was bizarre.

    Braun is essentially Kenny Cooper lite--big guy who likes to drift wide so he can find space, cut in toward goal and shoot.

    Gordon is just a C-list box player and fairly useless in the open field.

    So...you have one of your forwards good in open space (Braun), one who likes crosses in the air (Gordon), and one who prefers short, crisp passing and balls to his feet (Maldonado).

    What's a midfielder supplying these guys supposed to do?

    Vasquez has to pick one style and go with it. If that means starting Padilla alongside Maldonado and getting intricate passing going with Nagamura, Espinoza and Bornstein in support, then that's what needs to happen.
  9. chimultrufio

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    Sep 2, 2007
    Los Angeles
    i fee bad for Coach Vasquez when i see his face on TV..i really do, the guy seems like the nicest man on earth...i wish things turn around for him and CUSA..i think he deserves atleast to maybe 10 games into next season...because yes there has been alot of turnover frm last year and with Sacha's departure so ill give him that... lets see what happens..

    btw wouldnt it suck to see TFC reach the playoffs?? :eek:
  10. elchivamayor

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    martin is making a lot of mistakes trying to find the right team i also think that next season is going to be different i believe in hes project.

    But he needs to stop making mistakes, zisso look good the time that he play maybe him in padilla coming in in the second half at the same time will give our team some spark, the only excuse i will find for braun not playing the second half is that he got injured

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