When did Arsenal last beat ManU?

Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by Allamerican74, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Allamerican74

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    Jun 5, 2004
    Must admit that I'm not a ManU fan but given the Gunners supporters complete pissing and moaning over a call, their complete hypocracy because Arsenal players actually had a ref OVERTURN a call earlier in a year and it was no big deal, and lastly the reception I got for even mentioning any of this to them has made me an Arsenal hater when I actually somewhat liked them before. (grammatical errors acknowledged)

    So when was the last time Arsenal actually beat Man U in any competition? It's been a while. Lost in the FA Cup last year. I don't think they beat them last year in the League. So when?
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    Depending on the day, arse fans will all the community shield a competition. Really it's a glorified friendly which the arse won 3-1 in August. Last time the beat United in the EPL? That horrific day in April 2002 when they won the EPL title at Old Trafford.
  3. Acronym

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    Nov 26, 2003
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    20 years ago?
  4. Allamerican74

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    Jun 5, 2004
    So more than two years in the EPL? Wow. That includes the real cup matches too right? FA, European (don't think they faced each other at all..have to ask Chelsea about that haha) and to a lesser extent Carling Cup?

    Oh and I noticed your war comment on the bottom of your post. Lots of powers have been created for the Pres, Congress and the Supreme Court that are not in those documents. The President can actually order troops in anger over into a foreign land up to I think 90 days before having to have Congress vote for it if I recall correctly from my Constitutional Law class. And that dates from either Johnson or Nixon I think...really not a recent thing.
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    FA Cup, Feb. 15, 2003. other than the Chartiy shield at the beginning of the season.

    Arsenal record against Utd since the 02-03 season.

    3 Wins, 3 loses, and 4 draws.

    Those numbers include a Charity shield win for each and a Carling cup win for the Arsenal. All other games were FA Cup or Premiership. Pretty even.

    The penalty that was overturned was a good call, though it is odd for a ref to change his mind like that.

    I can't fault Riley for the Penalty call on Campbell. The dive by Rooney was digraceful. The game then turned and caused Arsenal to throw men forward leaving us open in the back which led to the not-called penalty on Ronaldo and the second goal. If Utd were down one then they would have thrown men forward.
  6. Allamerican74

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    Jun 5, 2004
    Ah ok Yes that's a pretty even record but Arsenal hasn't beaten ManU over a year and a half in the 3 major ones. I guess I forgot they met in the Carling Cup.

    I acknowledge that the overturn ref call was the right one but the ref should NEVER overturn a call based on player protest alone.

    Lastly when a defender puts his leg out like Campbell did he is asking for trouble.

    I am completely baffled that Rio wasn't called for something on Freddie though.

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