What's the "magic number"? [R]

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by obie, Sep 6, 2002.

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    After last night, the Eastern division standings:

    CMB 25 GP 35 pts +1 GD
    MET 25 GP 35 pts -1 GD
    CHI 25 GP 34 pts +7 GD
    NE 25 GP 29 pts -7 GD
    DC 24 GP 26 pts -7 GD

    With three games remaining for NE and four for DC, max points for either team is 38. This means that the "magic number", so to speak, is 4 if DC wins this weekend, 3 if the Revs win (since we already own the tiebreaker against them), and 2 if they draw. So basically we can wrap up a playoff spot on 9/12 with a win over The Scum.

    The magic number for the division title is 10, since we need a draw or loss by Columbus in order to pass them. If C-Bus draws or loses against SJ this weekend, the number drops to 8. If C-Bus loses and Chicago loses or draws to LA, the division number drops to 7.

    Just killing time in the office on a sunny Friday afternoon....

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