What would our A lineup be now?

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by Kevin8833, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Completely agree, I personally am not a fan of a 3-man backline, and w/ some of the defensive performances we've been coming up with, we can't even consider using it, IMO, against quality sides.
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    Yes, yes, I know nothing about soccer. Only playing over 10 years of competitive ball as a keeper, just to be knocked out of playing in college due to 3 metal plates in my head due to some jack@$$ who kicked me instead of the ball.

    So if you're such a genius on the game, just tell me who in the US is pushing Howard for the #1 spot?? I put the guy as our current #1 keeper, because yes there is no doubt that he is currently our best keeper. It's a far different situation than when we had the choice between Keller and Friedel as the #1. That is why Howard is our #1 by default! Howard is playing very well right now, but there is no US keeper pushing him for that #1 spot and I believe that will change down the road as some of the young guys gain more experience.

    As for thinking that Friedel and Howard in the top 5 keepers in the world right now, well that's definitely pushing it. Buffon is definitely #1. Kahn has been playing amazing lately. Peter Czech, Edwin Van der Sar, Iker Casillias, Sebastien Frey are all better keepers than Howard and Friedel. But of course that's just from me and as you stated: "This dude is retarted".
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    A little conjecture is required to make a Best XI.

    I will assume two things:
    * I cannot use Cory Gibbs as he is just returning from rehabilitation. In two months, he is first XI.
    * I cannot bring anyone out of retirement.

    GK: Howard
    LB: Pearce CB: Boca CB: Conrad RB: Cherundolo
    LM: Beasley CM: Feilhaber CM: Bradley RM: Donovan
    FW: Dempsey FW: Johnson

    I do not trust Gooch at this point in time. He's a red card liability and in a big spot he's not worth the risk. I rather take the steady Conrad who can also give you a goal off a set piece. Furthermore, I'd like to see DeMerit get an opportunity to lineup with Boca. He's deserved a chance to get a shot at that spot with Onyewu's faltering.

    With Donovan out wide, I'm not sure Feilhaber is needed at central mid. I preferably like to see Rico Clark, but if a game was today they haven't had a chance to gel together. In the winter camps, Sacha Klejstan deserves a long look with his terrific season in MLS. Bease, Bradley, and Donovan deserve to be out on the field. No question at this juncture.

    Dempsey's play for both club and country has made him a first choice forward for the US. His strike rate is actually pretty strong given the amount of minutes he has played. Right now, Johnson gets the nod as the second forward. His club makes more deserving over guys like Ching and Twellman. In the winter, Jozy Altidore should begin to push Johnson for the spot. No one else right now is worth a long look.

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