What would our A lineup be now?

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by Kevin8833, Sep 9, 2007.

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    Jul 21, 2006
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    You've got Adu playing on the right and Simek playing as a LB? Adu would either be on the left or in the middle, but he isn't as effective on the right. Similar to Beasley playing on the right -- oh wait, Bradley has been lining Beasley up on the right lately. (Obvious sarcastic joke over the stupidity of playing Beas on the right.)
    Do you mean Spector at LB?
  2. 1070

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    Mar 22, 2007
    .............Altidore............... (our only real striker up top)
    .........Adu...Dempsey........ (our 2 best ball handlers right behind him, working together)
    Beaz....................Beninho (2 2-way midfielders on the wings)
    .........Clark....Bradley........ (2 tall & tireless d-mids who can help attack or at centerback)
    Gibbs.......Boca......Spector (3 tall centerbacks who can also play wide)
    .............Howard............... (of course)

    I would start this XI against any team in a one-off. In a tournament setting, though, I think it would exhaust all of our best players too quickly.

    I am done with the following:
    - Donovan: fast and tireless but not much else
    - Johnson: fast but lazy
    - Gooch: too clumsy to play centerback
    - Bornstein, Cherundolo: do not fit my 3-man backline because they do not have experience at centerback
  3. toiletduck

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    Jan 22, 2007
    I am wondering, based on the original question "from the games we've seen so far...", how Parkhurst, Adu, Altidore, etc. can possibly be mentioned as the "A" team right now. Parkhurst has one cap and didn't look good against T&T's third team. Before he's on the "A" team, I'd like to see him prove himself against someone else's "C" team.
  4. mike4066

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    Jun 30, 2007
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    Wow. This is actually intriguing.....
  5. 1070

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    Mar 22, 2007
    Thank you for the compliment. I have been thinking about this for months and it's nice to get some validation. I understand Bob Bradley likes to play 3 across the back, so there is a chance that something like this will actually happen. Somehow I doubt he will sit Landycakes, Gooch and Bornstein though.
  6. mike4066

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Chula Vista, CA
    Fulham FC
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    United States
    I agree he won't sit Landon but he could sit Bornstein and Gooch.
  7. Kevin8833

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Estero, FL
    That team is awesome I have been thinking of the exact same lineup for months as well. Adu and Dempsey running the flanks and interchanging, and running off of Altidore up top would be a great attack!
  8. olephill2

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    Oct 6, 2006
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    It's basically a 3-6-1 that sort of morphs into a 3-4-3 during the attack. I think we found out what user name Steve Sampson has been posting under. ;)
  9. Kevin8833

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Estero, FL
    Well I think this alignment would be very effective for us. We have way more talent than we did then, and just because something didn't work 10 years ago doesn't mean you can never use it again.
  10. jogobonito

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    Jan 24, 2002
    interesting but Spector is hugely overrated by BS posters and he would an especially bad fit in a 3 man backline. In CONCACAF he'd do OK, but Elite Latin American and & European squads would feast on him.
  11. Kevin8833

    Kevin8833 Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Estero, FL
    I completely disagree, he is a versatile defender with height, speed, and skill he would be even better in a 3 man back line probably as the right back. It puts all of his skills to use in my opinion and he would be very good there, he is far from over rated it's not like anyone says he is the greatest defender in the world, he is a very good defender and that is what people say he is, so I do not feel he is over rated at all. Spector and Gibbs on the outside with probably Bocanegra organizing and breaking up plays in the middle would be a great option for us and would allow us to pack the midfield and upfront more to possess the ball, dictate the game and hopefully score mroe goals.
  12. Joe_Cannon

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    eh, most of those lineups look pretty good. I'm not gonna jump on the Altidore bandwagon just yet. He's looked pretty good against MLS defenders, and did well in the U-20, but I'd like to see him get a few caps for the USMNT and see if he isn't just another Eddie Johnson.

    I'm also not sold on Adu either. He was amazing at the U-20's but he didn't do too hot in the MLS. Playing against players your own age is one thing, but I'd like to see him up against some big German, or English defenders. Just like Altidore though, give him a few caps for the USMNT and let's see how he does.

    The only formation I can think of with our current lineup and starters is a 1-2-3-4. With one of our best forwards up front, then Donovan and Dempsey behind him.
  13. 5hole

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    Jan 10, 2005
    Columbia, SC
    Whatever you have been smoking we'd all like a hit cause you are high! The thread is what is our A lineup NOW . .

    You have a striker who has not played a single Adult International game, the most over-hyped player in the history of sports as 1 of the 2 starting attacking mids, Benny out of position and Gibbs who is not even 100% in a 3 man back line. Sounds like a winner to me . .

    I've noticed that the players who do not play or have not played actually get higher marks than those that do. A person's stock rising for simple fact that the starter blows does not validate your opinion that the scrub riding pine is a star.

    This would be mine

    I can see Jozy becoming a player and Demps playing in behind or with him up front.
    I can see Gibbs pushing central or even on the left in place of Boca or Conrad if and when he gets healthy.
    I can see Heydude being too old for the next WC.
    BUT . .

    Lando is immensely inconsistent but he is def one of our best XI.
    Any mention of Adu is a pipe dream.
    I love Heydude. The guy has the touch of an elephant but he adds character . He can knock crosses into the 15th row on my team anyday.

    AND this thread is who is our A team NOW.
  14. Kevin8833

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Estero, FL
    Well you are going to make fun of him for having players in because they are not playing, but it's ok that Spector has 0 caps at CB, Bocanegra hasn't played on the left since 2006, Hejduk who hasn't played since summer for U.S. over Cherundalo who is the obvious first choice, and Feilhaber in a number 10 position which he has never been used ever, he has been a 2 way centermid in every cap. I am not saying I disagree with your line up it does look good and you may be right that right now that is our A lneup, but it is also a bit hypocritical.
  15. SAMBA

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    Sep 3, 2004
    New Jersey
    Thank you for bringing in practical reasoning. While reading the thread I was thinking along the same lines. I admit to being excited at the possibility of seeing Altidore and Adu at the senior level, but at this point they are completely unproven.

    Way too many BigSoccer posters suffer from emotionalism.

    And say what you will about Landon, but he will go down in history as one of the greatest American born soccer players ever to don a National team jersey, even if he were to walk away from the game this very second. Good, bad or indifferent I know that he can be frustrating sometimes, but how anyone can gamble not to have him in the line-up is just plain stupid.
  16. pokemoncards

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    Aug 17, 2003
    I guess the dominating performance at the U-20 cup didn't stop people from saying Adu was overrated (most overrated athlete in the history of professional sports? :rolleyes: I think alot of US fans wish that were true)

    I also find the lack of Donovan preposterous.
  17. pokemoncards

    pokemoncards New Member

    Aug 17, 2003
    But other then that I like 1070s roster, switch Dempsey with Beasley and put Donovan where Dempsey was, put Beasley in as a sub.
  18. 5hole

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    Jan 10, 2005
    Columbia, SC
    1. Spector has quite a few caps and has played CB for Man U. Quite different than annointing 2 players in the best XI on a team that they've never even played for.

    2. Boca has played LB for the Nats, in the Premier League and has worn the armband for us. Nuff said.

    3. I think Cherundolo is a fine choice. I just like Heydude better. And hasn't played since the summer? It was only a month ago.

    4. I love all the soccer lingo (2 way mid, destroyer mid, etc . .) It's a freakin midfielder. Benny is a #10.

    As to Adu, the guy has flair, can do things that no other player on the US team can do but until he performs at any sort of level on a consistent basis he is way overrated. He was a very average player on the worst team in MLS history. He didn't even crack the starting lineup all the time at DC, and yet the guy is 1 of the best XI players in the deepest pool of US players ever beacuse he scored a couple of goals in a youth tournament? I am certainly intrigued and interested to see how he will do at the Senior level, but maybe he should shut his whiny mouth, get to work and do something to impress one of his last 4 club coaches to get his butt on the field and actually impact a game.

    At least Jozy is impacting his club team regularly.
  19. Kevin8833

    Kevin8833 Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Estero, FL
    How about this for our current A team, as in right now the best team we can put on the field. I believe this formation utilizes the players we have very well and puts the best players we have on the field.







    Howard is obviously our first choice keeper, Bocanegra would be anchoring the back, organizing and stepping up to break plays and stifle attacks, with his physical play and veteran experiance he could be great at this position, Spector and Bornstein's athleticism and marking abilities allow us to play 3 in the back and I believe these 3 would make a very solid back line for us. Clark and Bradley are the twin d-mid's clogging up midfield and closing down everything through the center of the park, winning the ball and spraying the ball all over the place, they would be very good at this position and we could use our twin d-mid's because you have 2 sidemid's and two attacking midfielders to link with, of course they can push up in attack as well. Convey and Feilhaber's skill on the ball and high technical ability and workrate will work the flanks, hold the ball, keep possession, track back and help defend with dangerous runs and balls into the box, they add high quality to the side midfield position for us. Donovan and Beasley are dual attacking midfielders with a very small amount of defensive duties, theyre pace and skill should create fits for defenders, theyre job is to get the ball and create goal scoring chances, and lastly Dempsey is the target forward up top, he has shown he can handle being the target forward and he brings a very high skill level on the ball and finishing ability at this position, his job is basically to get the ball in the back of the net, which he has proven he can do. I feel this is a very strong line up putting the most amount of talent on the field possible and would be something very intresting to see. I would not be to concerned defensively with the athleticism of Bornstein and Spector and Bocanegra would be a great anchor, along with backtracking sidemids and two very strong defensive midfielders in Bradley and Clark, I think this could be a very good lineup for us. Any opinions?
  20. HeMan

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    Jun 5, 2006
    *first off, i don't know why y'all keep moving Benny to RM. That guy's talent is definately best served in the middle.

    The line-up i'd like to try and see:

    Bench: Hahnemann, Spector, DeMerit, Clark, Convey, Altidore, Ching

    ***Gibbs should definately find his way on this line-up
    ***Conrad or another technical CB in the middle, while the Brute Force is on the outside.
  21. Kevin8833

    Kevin8833 Member

    Jun 18, 2007
    Estero, FL
    Pretty good except for Onyewu, Onyewu on the outside in a 3 man back sorry but, OUCH!!!!! Even Boca may have a tough time occasionally in that spot, I think he may be better in the middle in a 3 man backline, but I do think he could do a good job and be plenty good enough for us in this role, Conrad is very steady and a good choice to anchor, Although I think I would have Boca anchoring, nothing wrong with a steady composed veteran presence in the center at all, Onyewu on the other hand.. I would be much more concerned with but the rest of your lineup looks good. If you want brute force replace Onyewu with Demerit, he is not so clumsy and slow, he would better handle the extra spaced required and your lineup looks solid in my opinion, I like the combination of Feilhaber and Donovan in midfield linking with Dempsey upfront and Johnson's speed to compliment Dempsey, along with Cherundalo and Beasley on the flanks, interesting idea with Dolo, I like it I think he would do well in this position in the given formation. Bradley would have a heavy responsibility in this lineup closing things down in the middle of the field, and I feel he is capable of it, all in all I like your lineup a lot.
  22. #1 Feilhaber and Adu

    Aug 1, 2007

    WOWWWWWWWWW u seey guys these are the type of people who know nothing about soccer. THis dude said "Howard is our #1 by defualt". This dude is retarted, Howard had been a monster in Net for the USMNT and a monster in net at everton.

    If im not mistaken Howard stopped 2 breakaway goals form the feet of IBRAHIMOVICH and then KAKA. yea 2 of the best/top players in the world. DO I HAVE TO SAY ANYMORE. Thats also why i always believed howard was top 5 keeper in the world with brad friedal also in there. And after watching howard against mexico,sweeden,and then brazil and his amazing saves in the EPL how is he not. ( i think theres a reason why he went straight from metrostars to Starting at MAN U)
  23. Howard
    Spector DeMerit Boca
    'Dolo Clark Donovan Beasley
    Altidore Johnson

    Clark is getting boned by the coaches kid... Bradley is decent, but he hasn't really paid his dues.
  24. FCmagic01

    FCmagic01 Member

    Nov 10, 2006
    Our a line-up currently is in a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. Depends on what u want to choose.



  25. EruditeHobo

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    Mar 29, 2007
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    Admittedly I haven't read much on the US boards... but what's with half the posters picking 3 man backlines? You're gonna play 3 when 4 can't defend quality attacking consistently? I understand wanting to get more offensive weapons on the pitch and in the position that best suits them, but c'mon.

    ---------------- Howard -----------------
    --------- DeMerit ------ Boca ------------
    --- Dolo ---------------------- Pearce ---
    ----------- Clark ----- Bradley -----------
    -- Donovan -------------------- Beas ----
    ----------- Dempsey --------------------
    ------------------- Johnson -------------

    Adu and Altidore... boy, how about they get a cap before they are slid into the 'A' team? Is that fair?

    I really don't like putting Johnson there, but I don't like Ching or Wolff or Twellman any better. And if Convey had his head on straight Johnson would have had a goal against Brazil, so I put him in my side.

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