What will be the strategy against Guatemala?

Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by deuteronomy, Nov 9, 2008.

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    The final game of this stage is approaching. Guatemala has been virtually eliminated, they have a new coach, and will have their own plans for the match in Colorado.
    Here are some of the thoughts and questions going into the game.
    1. How much of an effort and commitment will/should be made to win at the expense of examining other variables?
    2. Is momentum and continuity a consideration heading into the hex?
    3. Are there any new candidates who we need to get a look at?
    4. What will be the role of the young US players in this game?
    5. How much of a factor will it be to mix in the seasoned 'A' teamers?
    6. What factor will the MLS playoffs be for the player selection considerations?
  2. TheRustyEunuch

    Oct 16, 2007
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    These are all very interesting questions. As many seem to think, there will be a lot of young players playing in this game. It will be interesting to see what more experienced players make the lineup. I think a competitive lineup will certainly be put on the field(not like the CA). However, I think people like Dempsey, Bocanegra, Onyewu, will not be there. This game has a start for Califf written all over it. I think Bradley wants to win this game to keep up the momentum heading into next year. Despite the standings Guat is still alive and will be playing as hard as they can which still provides a great atmosphere for the good young players and better fringe players a chance to gain valuable experience.

    On another note what is the strategy for marketing this game in Denver because 70% of the seats are still left? :(
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    The way I see it, I'd answer these questions like this:

    1. By "the other variables" I suppose you mean a few different players and combinations, correct? I'd say those considerations are more important than the result. That said, there aren't a whole lot of other guys IMO who need a start. The one who hasn't been a part of our set-up I'd most like to start right now would be the kid who hasn't decided if he wants to play for us or for Serbia yet. The other would be Kenny Cooper. Nevertheless, there's another (Charlie Davies) who is also worth looking at more closely. Obviously, whatever team you put out there, you put them out there to win, and you manage the game to win, being mindful only of factors that would affect us competitively in the next stage (ie cards).

    2. Yes and no. You always want your team winning. Winning is good for your team in a lot of ways. But continuity as such is so, well, discontinuous with a national team. The only time it really truly plays a major factor IMO is in the lead-up to a big tournament, as player performance in pre-tournament friendlies and the team atmosphere, attitude and cohesion are carried straight over into the big games. We will want to win, but I don't think that losing with a B team will necessarily hurt the A team's "momentum" that much heading into the hex, because I don't think that momentum as such is too big of a factor generally at this stage when you've got a team that gets together (with a few different players in the mix each time) for a camp to play a game here, two games there every couple months.

    3. By new, do you mean more-or-less totally new? Yes, Neven Subotic, but he's not going to be included until the summer, when he says he'll make up his mind between representing us and Serbia (or perhaps Bosnia). And Kenny Cooper, but that's been talked to death here. Basically, the really new MLSers to the program get their preliminary try-out in a long-ish camp and a friendly in January. Of the newer guys that played last time in Trinidad, I'd say Charlie Davies stands out as a guy you want to give some playing to.

    4. Many of the young players will likely be starters again this time, as they were against T&T.

    5. I think pretty much like against T&T, only a few. I would personally prefer that it be more 50/50, as the cohesion (as well as more accurate assessment of their performance) only takes place when you're integrating the young players into the established team, as opposed to playing them as a B team and seeing who particularly stands out. And they haven't learned in competition to play with the sure-fire starter, they've learned to play with their B teammates...

    6. The MLS playoffs will take precedence. If we hadn't already qualified and we were playing for our lives, we'd reverse the criteria and call in every guy (from Europe or MLS) that we needed, regardless of their club situation.
  4. Maximum Optimal

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    Jul 10, 2001
    Among the MLS teams whose seasons have ended here are some players from each who could be called up.

    KC: Conrad, Arnaud
    New England: Parkhurst, Reis, Twellman if he recovers from his concussion
    Chivas: Kljestan, Bornstein
    Toronto: Wynne
    Colorado: Mastroeni, Gibbs, Casey
    Galaxy: Donovan, Buddle
    Dallas: Cooper, McCarty, Moore

    Ultimately players from all MLS teams except the finalists for MLS Cup will be able to play against Guatemala. It'll be a sort of MLS All-American team.
  5. Clint Eastwood

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    1) Get some young guys experience.
    2) Avoid injury

    Don't play the "A" team against Guatemala in a meaningless game. You don't learn anything from thug-ball. If this game was against Denmark, then by all means bring in Donovan and friends.

    Although, we should play-to-win. I don't want to see these bastards in the next round.
  6. Master O

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    I say we recruit a few NFL-ers and/or rugby players on their off weeks to counter Guatemala's thugball. They try any of their crap against us then, they're gonna be face down. :p

    Getting back on point, this game is for all the off-season MLSers. All the US needs is a win or draw and a T&T win or draw, and Guatemala goes back to Guatapeor to watch the World Cup from home.
  7. Beazley17

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    Your comment about Denmark, and saying Donovan and friends made me crack up. Rep coming your way, trying to be funny or not.:D
  8. doogiemo

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    Aug 11, 2005
    ohh USA, USA USA USA

    Where did you get this number from? :confused:
  9. Marko72

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    NOBODY who isn't Guatemalan does. ;)
  10. Marko72

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    Aug 30, 2005
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    Hey, that was pretty much standard strategy in the old NHL days. Every team signed one guy who was a better fighter than a player.
  11. Flyin Ryan

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    "What will be the strategy against Guatemala?"


    I'd like to see us play a A- lineup. Maybe 6 or 7 normal starters. The problem with running out the full B-team as shown in Trinidad is that no one learns the normal team setup because there's not enough players out there seasoned enough to impose the normal team setup.

    I don't think Guatemala qualifying is anything to worry about. They have to beat us in Denver and Cuba has to beat Trinidad.
  12. TheRustyEunuch

    Oct 16, 2007
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    You said yourself in another thread that you only expect like 8,000. So being as concered about the crowd as I am I have looked at most of the sections to see how many seats are left and there are tons left so far. Hopefully that will change though.
  13. doogiemo

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    Aug 11, 2005
    ohh USA, USA USA USA
    yeah, there's really NO local push for this game... if you don't go to rapids games or follow the NATS it would be very difficult for you to know about this game... sad huh? There are no other local pro team playing in Denver that night (at least not the NFL, NBA or NHL) so hopefully I'm wrong and more than 8K show up!

    LET's GO USA!!!
  14. braun

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    Houston: Ching, Holden, Clark.

    How does BB expect to have any chemistry working with such a roster?

    Still expect Guzan in goal. Edu and Szetela are probably available as Dmids.
    McCarty and Moor are less likely to figure.

    This is a perfect opportunity for Guzan, Adu, Altidore, Holden, Szetela, Kljestan, Edu, Parkhurst and Wynne to reprise their Olympic team performance. Adding Gibbs and Bornstein to the field players would be very interesting indeed.
  15. doogiemo

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    Aug 11, 2005
    ohh USA, USA USA USA


    BB reads BS to set up his line up and you just reminded him about Ching!

    Thanx a lot!!! :rolleyes: :D

    I really hope he doesn't play... he truly bring NOTHING to the team...
  16. HouseHead78

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    I'm not a huge Ching fan, but I think this is unfair. He brings what he brings - size, toughness, the ability to hold the ball up and get Donovan, Dempsey, etc. into the attack.

    Not sexy, but he's mildly effective for us in that role.
  17. CDM76

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    The USMNT team's version of Emile Heskey?

    Personally, I'd like to see Altidore and Cooper up top.

    I agree we'll probably see few of our Euro-based players except those on the fringe for minutes since the 19th is a "friendly" date.

    Seems like Guzan, Davies (on break), Edu (if he doesn't crack the first 11), Adu, Altidore are all probable. Maybe Demerit gets a call. He played 90 for Watford this weekend.

    Defenders - Conrad, Parkhurst, Chad Marshall (if avail), Wynne, Hejduk (if avail), Bornstein (still Bob's boy?), who else?? Eddie Robinson??? Michael Harrington???

    Midfield - Donovan, Kljestan, Robbie Rogers (if avail), Mastro, Holden, Beckerman (if avail-despite lack of BS love), Simms or Carroll???

    Forwards - Cooper, Buddle

    Keeper - Reis, Seitz


    This side should be good for 5 goals against the Guats. So what if we give up 2 or 3.
  18. sidefootsitter

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    Oct 14, 2004
    I'd call up Colin Clark, if Robbie is going to the MLS final.

    And, just for kicks, Nate Jaqua - let the Chapines bunker.
  19. minya

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    Mar 27, 2008
    san diego, ca
    We are strong and aren't afraid of Guatemala:
    two D-mids, Donovan on the wing, Ching and Dempsey up top.
  20. Martin Fischer

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    I am not sure about strategy, but player selection is interesting. I would look to those guys who either need more experience playing in a semi-meaningful match or need a chance to impress. No Donovan or Ching or first line Euro regulars. I truly hope Columbus loses as it has the more interesting prospects than the other semi-finalists.

    My roster (starters indicated by an *):

    Hesmer or Reis

    Hedjuk or Moor
    Marshall or Boswell

    Rogers* or Mapp
    Gaven or Rolfe*

    Cooper (if health and meeting his other conditions)
  21. Mr Martin

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    Personally, I'd like to see most of the prior T&T roster, spiced up with vets Donovan, Oneywu, and Dempsey, so that we can see how the younger guys mesh with a few more of the regulars. I'd also like to see Cooper and Marshall added to the roster. Maybe Bornstein, too.

    A lineup like this:


    Subs: Davies, Cooper, and Torres.

    Starting, that's 5 normal regulars plus 6 fairly new players all with less than 10 caps. Then bring on 3 more new guys in the 2nd half. But all within the context of a handful of veteran regulars, so that we can see how the newbies fit in.

    However, I don't think we will see that. I sadly suspect it will be a mostly MLS roster and that we won't really learn much of anything from this match.
  22. Adam Zebrowski

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    May 28, 1999
    i'd agree 2-3 newer faces in the starting line-up with the estblished core is a way i'd go..

    basically, 2nds in line who you expect to play in the hex...

    then 2-3 subs in the 2nd half, again, guys who been ticketed...

    long shot moves.. maybe one, and this i'd hope to be cooper..

    say cooper and altidore split a half each
  23. kokoplus10

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    Even if we're sending out a "B" squad there shouldn't be too many problems in chemistry seeing as how our "B" team is pretty much the Olympic roster. Add to that many of those guys played together at various youth levels.

    I for one would like to see more Torres, Cooper, Davies, and Szetela (for 90 minutes if possible). I'd also like to see more of Edu at centerback.

    As far as the original thread topic (strategy) I don't think we'll see anything too different from what we have seen against Cuba and T&T. Bob will try to cut off the center of the pitch for Guatemala and force them to use wing play for their chances. On offense he'll stress possesion in tight spaces and encourage players to choose wisely as to when to hit the cross or through-ball. And of course...cutting down on stupid fouls.
  24. Adam Zebrowski

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    May 28, 1999
    guatemala needs to hope cuba beats t&t...

    and guatemala needs to win, so they just can't defend, but must come out to play...

    usa, at home, is far more attack minded...

    i'd go with...

    altidore donovan
    torres adu dempsey szetela
    bornstein orozco edu hejduk
  25. lguti9

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    Aug 5, 2008
    CSD Comunicaciones
    Nat'l Team:

    This is Clinteastwood crying about, them Guatemalans they hit too much arrrrrrrrrrgghhhh. I want my mommy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey cry babies get over it. This is soccer not volleyball or softball


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