What percentage of FSW viewers are fans of MLS?

Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by pc4th, Nov 14, 2003.

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    Count me in as a FSW viewer and a fan of MLS. Let put our Big Soccer mind together and wildly, unscientifically estimate the percentage of FSW viewers who are fans of MLS. (if you support teams oversea but also support MLS, you count as a fan too).
    Of course, without MLS on FSW, I don't think anyone would cancel the subscribtion since we are all soccer fans and FSW is 'the' soccer channel. I am just curious to know what your 'expert' estimation on this is.
    Of course, if the percentage is 40%, then we know that 55% are MLS ignorers, and the 5% are just not interested in soccer (maybe they subscribe to see rugby or Australia Rules Football or Cricket). Of course since we don't really know the number, we can only guess and discuss.

    p.s. Do you think there are more Eurosnobs than fans of MLS in America? I am guessing 50%-50%.
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    Feb 7, 2004
    I'm an MLS fan. I'm an EPL fan. I'm a FSW fan.
    I'm a Eredivise fan. I'm a Bundesliga fan.
    I'm a La Liga fan. I'm a Seria A fan.
    I'm an A-League fan. I'm a Nationwide fan.

    I didn't help did I? :(

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