what is the best Football online stratergy?

Discussion in 'Online Football Manager' started by xuanle, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. xuanle

    xuanle New Member

    Bayern München
    Nov 7, 2016
    AC St. Louis
    Hello, I newbie, and i'm just start to play Football online? I always lose :((
    Someone- pro can help me to know the best stratergy about this game?

    Sorry for my bad English :))
  2. klipntoola

    klipntoola New Member

    Sep 24, 2018
    I can advise you an interesting online manager https://inetball.com/. I give a guarantee that you will not regret. Very interesting game. I really liked that a lot depends on the player and you can make changes to the game during the match! There are a lot of championships here and there is an opportunity to try yourself in the Champions League, and of course you can win real money! I recommend.

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