What Is Anthropology?

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    What is anthropology? How does it compare to history?
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    Two years after its creation, exploring the hidden regions of Big Soccer, I found this thread (I have a PhD in Anthropology). No doubt you found your answer already but in case anyone else is curious ...

    Anthropology is the study of humans. In North America four subfields are typically recognized:

    1. Archaeology - the study of the human past (archaeology is sometimes considered to be the methods, theories, analysis and synthesis of recovering information related to the past, whereas prehistory would be the "stories" we tell about the past drawing upon information from all the subfields of anthropology, not just archaeology)
    2. Biological Anthropology - the study of how human biology and culture interact, including anthropological genetics, human evolution, primatology and human variation
    3. Cultural Anthropology - the study of how people live
    4. Linguistic Anthropology - the study of how language and culture interact, including historical linguistics and sociolinguistics
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