What does "BROWN OUT!" mean?

Discussion in 'West Ham United' started by (TxT), Nov 4, 2004.

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    I know it probably has to do with KUMB but what does it mean as far as catch phrases and sayings go? :confused:
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    Oct 19, 2004
    Terry Brown is the chairmen of West Ham. For many years he has run the club as a personal bank account. He has taken the highest wage for a chairmen in England without delivering any success to the club. Only the Newcastle chairman who took his club to Europe and paid himself a bonus was ever higher. West Ham have under Brown always had the highest ticket prices with Chelsea. Brown is sueing 3 members of a supporters group for questioning the way he runs the club.

    Brown refused to give his manager any transfer funds after we finished 7th in the top league. We had a terrible defense that season and were the only club not to spend that off season. Subsequently we were relegated the following season. Brown has overseen the sale of possible the best ever youth squad in the history of football anywhere. The guy has never had the integrity to accept blame for his inept performance. The closest he ever came was saying in hindsight we may have done things differently. This after relegation, when while refusing to buy 2 or 3 players pre that season he doubled his own wages.

    West Hams match attendences are down about 10thousand at home games which is a protest against the board.

    Brown out is a chorus from hammers lovers all over the world who wish to see our great club run by competent people.

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    TxT - Exactly what Mike (Scout) said. As opposed to a daytime power outage.

    Terrence Brown is a leach who has been bleeding West Ham United dry for far too long and the club has suffered while he has grown rich.

    At the same time that he wasn't spending money on players to keep us in the premier league while simulaneously appointing a manager incapable of coaching peewee soccer he spent £4,000,000 building a museum at Upton Park as well as opening a hotel within the stadium at great cost. Neither of these 'ventures' have produced anything like the returns they need to to justify their existance, or Brown's for that matter.
    He also likes to appoint his friends to important jobs within the company. before coming into football, a business that he has admitted he knows very little about, he was (and still is) the owner of a caravan site (trailer park) in Essex. He appointed the bar manager from his camp site as Managing Director of West Ham United. This man, Mr. Aldrige, has no experience of football either but he gets a very nice salary and makes sure his friend Brown doesn't have to get his hands dirty.

    The quality of football at West Ham has declined while ticket prices and the cost of merchandise has continued to rise.

    Brown has overseen the sale, among others, of Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Glenn Johnson, Michael Carrick, Jermain Defoe etc,etc. The sale of these players, and others, have brought in well over £50,000,000 in recent years yet the club still has massive debts which put it on the brink of bankruptcy last year while the chairman and his friends still draw massive salaries and benefits.

    It's a wholly unsatisfactory situation and the fans have had enough, hence........

    BROWN OUT ! :mad:
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    We have tried putting a 'contract' out on the greedy sob, but so far we have had no concrete offers. I'm sure if everyone that wanted him out was willing to put in a tenner, we'd have no trouble finding our jackel.
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    I would pay it.

    As much as this seemed like an obvious question at first, the facts make interesting reading.

    Of course I was well aware of Brown bleeding us all dry but some of these facts dispensed to us by Mike and Sx I wasn't aware of.

    We desperately need a new chairman before we get promoted again.

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