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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by purojogo, Oct 3, 2003.

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    "The "best alternative" to the Bloomberg administration's goal of an Olympic stadium on the West Side of Manhattan is the area around Shea Stadium, according to internal memos by the nonprofit group working with the city to snag the 2012 summer games.

    "Construction costs would be substantially lower than on the West Side," reads a Jan. 22, 2002, memo, adding that this "fall-back alternative" next to Shea could be converted into a 40,000-seat major-league soccer stadium after the Olympics.
    Maybe for another team further in the future? Is the idea not completely dead? Is it viable? 40000 would seem a tad big for soccer right now....
  2. dub77

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    Mar 28, 2002
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    Unless something major happens I don't see how this area could support another team. They can't evenget enough people to support the Metrostars.
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    Mar 28, 2002
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    As much as I want to see MLS expand, another team in the NY-Metro area would just take away from the Metros.
    Since Harrison is 85% official, I can't see Nick moving the Metros near Shea. Then again, this is Nick we're talking about.
  4. Kevin

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    If the Olympic stadium is built in Flushing, rather than the West Side, I do not see how that would change the ultimate plan, i.e. temporary use as the centerpiece of the Olympic games and permanent home of the NY Jets afterward. In this scenario, the place holds about 90,000 and would be as bad as, or worse than, Giants Stadium for MLS.
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    A second team in the NYC area would benefit both the Metros and MLS immeasurably.

  6. elderado

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    I agree - by the time the stadium was built and ready you are talking about 2010 - 2012 time frame. The metros are well established in the Harrison Stadium, MLS has about 15 teams(my guess) and is making the push towards 20. The amount of first generation immigrants in the 5 boroughs could easily fill a 30-40K stadium. Why don't they fill Giants Stadium - I personally think it is a matter of convenince - 20 minute subway ride v. a 1.5 hour car ride.
  7. dub77

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    If you look at it that way I would agree. Also I would say that within that time frame MLS will have the chance to gain more respect from the first generation immigrants that ignore MLS right now.
  8. JayKay

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    Apr 22, 2003
    You would also have a huge rivalry develop, which would create a ton of excitement. Real derby matches would also be a plus. More excitement and hype equals more fans filling the stands.
  9. stanleyt

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    Dec 7, 1998
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    Sounds good. The quality of play should improve considerably by then as well, thus attracting many who poo-poo MLS right now for not being the EPL..

    I say, if we can't deal w/a stadium near Shea, then remodel Aqueduct Racetrack. It's got a dedicated subway station and one grandstand that could be used while the other ends are constructed.
  10. nyrmetros

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    Feb 7, 2004
    Having a MLS team in QUeens would only benefit the Metrostars and MLS. RIvalry is what draws crowds. Plus I could get season tix :)

    I am very surprised though that the article specifically mentioned MLS...... Anyone else surprised by that?

    Also Giants Stadium will be under going rennovations during the 2004, 2005, and 2006 summers. This will be a problem for the Metrostars. They may have to find a temporary home during this time before Harrison is built. The head guy of the NJSEA was talking to Al Trautwig on MSG's Angles, and that's what he said. Although he didn;t mention the Metros specifically, he did say that summer programming at Giants Stadium would be seriosuly slowed down...

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