West Ham V Millwall pre match analysis

Discussion in 'West Ham United' started by west_ham, Nov 21, 2004.

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    A couple of weeks ago when Millwall beat Sunderland I saw the result role in and when my mate (a Sunderland fan) came round that evening the conversation went thus:

    Me: You got beat then?

    Him: Yep.

    Me: Did they kick you all over the pitch again?

    Him: Yep.

    Nuff said really. We can expect this again today. I seem to remember us getting a few players sent off last time we were there. Sounds like SAFC got the same treatment only managed to avoid any red cards no thanks to the bias ref and the collection of angry violence thirsty thugs they call their crowd of fans. If they want to see a scrap why don't they arrange one elsewhere?

    I got a more detailed analysis of the Millwall Vs SAFC came from another bloke at work who was also appalled at the way Millwall played, conducted themselves and how uselessly bias the ref was. I know Sunderland fans. They can take being beat by a better side or even when they played cr@p themselves but when they are facing an injustice like the Millwall game they tend to get majorly p1ssed off.

    Anyway boots were flying and arms were waving. Millwall might as well have got tooled up before kick off. It's not a game of football to them, it's a battle to victory at any cost. The way they work is by flying in and fouling players, this causes the fans to open voice and encourage them to do it all the more. Wise was even going up to the fans and waving his arms around to try and stir them up even more. It's a vicious circle made up of taunting and kicking, kicking and taunting. Millwall are officially on my list of dirty teams along with Birmingham, Leeds (they have got better though), Arsenal and (a bit more reluctantly) Bolton.

    Conclusion? I am afraid we will probably lose today due to the violence and the refereeing. We did not know how to handle this the last time and we aren't exactly well known for learning by our mistakes.

    My prediction. 3-1 to Millwall. Hope I am wrong. :mad:
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    Oct 4, 2004
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    Ever the bloody optimist! 1-0 to the hammers.

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