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    Forbes has us as THE LEAST VALUABLE MLS FRANCHISE! (NYFC and Orlando not listed since there is no data from 2014) $15 million in revenue, $3 million operating loss, $105 million "value". Seattle & LA on top at $240-245 million.
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    While I'm sure the Rapids are one of the least valuable MLS teams that Forbes study that's going around has a lot of issues. I wouldn't take it as anywhere close to accurate.
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    Dick's sporting goods park makes tons of money with all the youth soccer and lacrosse tournaments not to mention the weekly field hockey/lacrosse/soccer adult leagues.

    They are most likely separate entities from the Rapids (which most definitely doesn't turn a profit), but DSGP definitely does.
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    Pathetic and totally unsurprising. I am so passionate about soccer, but even I have quit caring about the Rapids this season. This thing is so broken all the way to the top.

    What issues does the Forbes study have? I don't even see within the article what their methodology was.
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    Well that's the biggest issue. They don't have access to actual numbers so these are estimates with no details on how they arrived at them. Then you have the fact that many owners run multiple companies like KSE does to spread the accounting around. So the numbers in the Forbes study are essentially meaningless.
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    May 10, 2004
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    Two years ago I would have never predicted I would be so interested in the French League and PSG at this time. Also GolTV lost the Bundesliga contract (now on Fox) so I can now get some of those matches as well as following Roma in Serie A and Arsenal in particular along with the Mou circus in the Premier League. Not a Euro-snob at all, I really support the growth of our domestic league but the reality is my MLS team sucks huge chunks right now, not even in the hunt at all (okay maybe RMC).
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    Aug 22, 2006
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    I've been into Liga MX. There's just so much out there that a person doesn't have to put up with this incompetence.
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    Rapids seem to have no idea how to match the level in their own league, much less have any idea that they compete for attention against these superior foreign leagues and how badly they are losing this local market to outside and oversea products. That's just shit business no matter how much you save in spending. KSE's only saving grace for its owner, management & employees is that the NBA, NHL, & NFL have no strong foreign leagues to tap their local markets and therefore magnify KSE's utter incompetence in all sports, in all leagues.
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    Apr 4, 2003
    Interpretation: The Rapids are worth a whole lot less than what Forbes is stating.

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