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    Alright, well, first things first. I'm 16, or at least I will be in like 10 days. My parents are from Colombia, though I was raised in the USA. As you can see to the right, my two teams are Barca and Atletico Junior. I've watched both play in the respective home stadiums, though I was really young when I went to Camp Nou (I'll switch on and off between calling it that and Nou Camp). My passion for soccer (and I like to call it football -- but at the end of the day, it's just a name.) wore off during the beginning of my teen years, mostly due to baseball, but I'm really starting to catch the fever bad again.

    I do play soccer, both for club and high school. I'm pretty good, though if I had pursued it more seriously and trained harder, I could have been pretty damn impressive. But, no. I was a lazy butt and pursued baseball, too. It's one of those things that I'll always regret.

    As for things other than soccer and sports, I like to read, hang out with my friends, and party and get crazy every once in a while.

    Oh, and I don't like to be treated like I'm only 16, therefore my knowledge is limited.

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