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Discussion in 'Sacramento' started by JLoeza, Aug 16, 2011.

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    We are the American Outlaws Official 63rd chapter and look to continue the tradition of supporting US soccer in California's state capitol! Our location to host watch parties / gatherings is at MVPs Sports Grill on 2110 L Street near downtown Sacramento. If you are in the Sacramento area, we welcome local communities to share their support and passion for the game. For any additional information please check out our Facebook page. Unite and strengthen!


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    Congrats and good luck
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    I'm a longtime Sacramentan (a Hornet, not an Aggie, JLoeza!) currently living abroad at the moment, but I hope to join up with the local AO chapter when I do get back. I've already liked the Facebook page.

    Oh, and I see Sac AO got a BigSoccer board before Modesto chapter... :D

    (Just kidding, Modestans & other SJ Valley folks, we love ya too.)
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    Hello! Anybody home? Just joined the Sac chapter but if its not that active, I'll switch over to SF chapter since we're from the Bay Area
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    Feb 5, 2010

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