Wee laugh for all of yis

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by MeridianFC, Oct 30, 2003.

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    Jul 26, 1999
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    So I was talkin' to the wife the other night while watching Sky Sport News, as is my wont, when we were discussing a favored Scottish minow (Celtic or Forfar I can't remember which) I was interested in seeing while we're over in Bonnie Scotland in a couple of weeks, says she "I'd sure like to go to see an Irish Premier League match sometime". Says I, "You did when we went to see Bohs v. Shelbourne last year", says she "that was the Irish Premier League?"

    I guess you had to be there. She's still trying to work out the idea that "premier" or "1st division" is a relative concept.

    Mind I can't wait to get back to Dalymount or Tolka myself, but I'm a glutton for punishment. That and getting crushed in the drinks line at the half.

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