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    Maybe this thread should go in the "Business and Media" Forum. But, I am just wondering why we can't get a webcast of the games from US Soccer. Not just this game, but all games. If 1/2 of the USL-1 can webcast, why can't the USSF? Following on Matchtracker is so unemotional.

    I understand that Concacaf owns the rights and sold the TV rights to Univision. But, what about the radio/audio rights? There can't be much of a market for them.

    And, what about the away qualifiers that are on ESPN tape delay or PPV? It just seems to me that if the technology exists for matchtracker, it can't be that much different to webcast the game.
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    This has been covered in other forums, but just because the USMNT is playing, it doesn't mean they own the broadcast rights (and web is generally covered under those agreements). FIFA owns the World Cup, CONCACAF owns the Gold Cup, friendlies generally belong to the participating teams, etc....

    I'd love to see it as well, but sadly, it's fairly complicated, which just isn't true for the USL games.......
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    i'd pay a dollar or two per match to watch online, at least while i'm a yank abroad. not sure how they'd lose money in that sort of deal, since they don't necessarily make any money from any of you watching spanish TV, and they definitely don't make any from me if i can't watch it at all.

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