We don't talk enough about the Scorpions

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by Mattbro, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. Mattbro

    Mattbro Member+

    Sep 21, 2001
    Oh wait, yes I do. I talk about the Scorpions every opportunity I get. Never mind.
  2. luxinluv

    luxinluv New Member

    Aug 12, 2002
    Well, I'm not going to talk about the Scorpions, I'm just going to say-have you heard Queens of the Stone Age? You'd love them-I promise. Not so much guitar soloing hair metal just straight dirty rockin' metal.

    They could get Grandma all riled up.
  3. Mattbro

    Mattbro Member+

    Sep 21, 2001
    Re: Re: We don't talk enough about the Scorpions

    No I haven't heard them yet. I read an article about them and something about them put me off. But maybe I'll check em out at your recommendation.
  4. Cweedchop

    Cweedchop Member+

    Mar 6, 2000
    Ellicott City, Md
    I'm with ya Mattbro..

    Scropions were my most favorite band during the 80's...

    I actually ended up liking most of their earlier stuff (Virgin Killer, Hot and Heavy, In Trance and Lovedrive) more than the popular stuff..

    I kind of phased them out after Savage Amusement (a crap album IMHO)..

    My top 10 Scorpions songs of All-Time:

    1) Make it Real
    2) Blackout
    3) Another Piece of Meat
    4) Robot Man
    5) In Trance
    6) Always Somewhere
    7) No One Like You
    8) Evening Wind
    9) Is There Anybody There?
    10) Alien Nation

    Other favorites:

    When the Smoke is Going Down
    Speedy's Coming
    The Zoo
    Coming Home (always started their concerts with this in the mid 80's)
    Coast to Coast
    Sun in My Hand
    Life Is Like a River

    I could go on all day.............
  5. Mattbro

    Mattbro Member+

    Sep 21, 2001
    The scary thing is, I don't even know some of those songs! I'm not that big a fan of the pre-Lovedrive or post-Face the Heat Scorps, although I own Tokyo Tapes. The pre-Dieter Dierks stuff was a bit too experimental and pychadelic for my taste. Rumor has it they're going to work with him again on the next album for a return to the Blackout sound.

    Savage Amusement is actually one of my favorites (and one of the first cassettes I ever bought, back in 8th grade). I think Blackout has Matthias Jabs' best guitar work, and my favorite solos are No One Like You and Arizona.

    I am intent on bringing back this sound with my new band in Vienna - just hope there's an audience for it!
  6. whirlwind

    whirlwind New Member

    Apr 4, 2000
    Plymouth, MI, USA
    1. Still Lovin' You
    2. No One Like You
    3. Coast to Coast
    4. Holiday
    5. The Zoo
    6. I Can't Explain
    7. Rock You Like A Hurricane
    8. Dynamite
    9. Coming Home
    10. Loving You Sunday Morning

    Veeer gonna schtiiiing you!
  7. fiddlestick

    fiddlestick New Member

    Jul 17, 2001
    The 4 8 0
    Scorpions, yadda yadda,
    What we don't talk enough about is the McCauly Schenker Group.
  8. Cweedchop

    Cweedchop Member+

    Mar 6, 2000
    Ellicott City, Md
    MSG rocks hard as well..

    UFO is also another Schenker off-shoot that kicks ass...

    Everything the Schenker boys seemed to turn to gold..
  9. Cweedchop

    Cweedchop Member+

    Mar 6, 2000
    Ellicott City, Md
    I implore you to go out and buy In Trance.. Skip over the first song and the rest of the album is classic.. I'm not a big Uli Roth fan (the lead guitar man before Michael Schenker and Matthias Jabs arrived) as he seems quite stuck in the late 60's with his mannerisms and his sound, but this is the album where the true talent of this group starts to emerge.. They start moving away from the hippie fusion rock and into some crunching hard rock tunes..

    Obviously most of the songs on this album are still tinged with the Uli Roth sound but you can see a clear deliniation from their prior music and tunes like "In Trance, Robot Man, Life's Like a River, and Top of the Bill" really do rock hard.. Some of those tunes start out slow and melodic and then bam, straight into heavy rock..

    Right after this album Roth left the group and they came up with Lovedrive which split the lead guitar duties between Jabs and Michael Schenker, with Jabs getting the most work..

    If you like anything by the Scorpions, In Trance is where it all began for me.. It set the foundation for Animal Magnetism and Blackout (which by far is their best album)..


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