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Discussion in 'Football' started by FiredUp, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hi - Forgive me if this gets asked every season.

    I just moved to Spain (arrived 4 days ago).

    I've done some google-ing to see about watching NFL games overseas. I was excited to see that the NFL does allow games to be watched overseas. Couldn't get the details on it though until I got here.

    Turns out they are asking what is, to me at least, an exorbitant amount of money to watch games. Especially when it seems quite a few are blacked out here in Spain (the first two Bear games are - which is what I'm really interested in).

    Anyhow - I was wondering if anyone out there in the 'rest of the world' has found other ways to watch games online. Or, even better yet - if anyone in Spain has any tips about when and where to catch even a little bit of NFL - that would be great.

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    Find someone with a "military box" -- someone who gets the Armed Forces Network. Know anyone in NATO? Might be a good idea to find a friend in fatigues -- AFN gets several NFL games a week.

    The NFL's website says Canal+ Spain shows NFL games in Spain, probably one a week. NASN (the North American Sports Network, now owned by ESPN) also shows NFL games. I don't think it's available in Spain yet, but your local American ex-pat sports bar may have a gray market dish.
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    I've over been living in the UK for a short time now, but what I've been doing is going to pubs to watch games. After asking around, I found one that a few other American and the random British football fans go to. They're pretty good about showing the games as long as no major European event is going on. You're at the mercy of what Sky sports choices to air, but I found the cost of a drink or two to be cheaper than paying to watch the games online. If you become a good costumer at any pub, I'm sure there let you watch the game on at least 1 TV.
  4. Thanks for the tips.

    I am in La Coruna, and there appear to be few Americans here. Some brits I think. I don't think there are any american servicemen up here : - )

    Anyhoo, with three children 4 and under, it's difficult at best to get to pubs with any regularity.

    So, what I decided to to was purchase the highlight package from iTunes - $25 for the entire season. Basically 10-12 minutes of highlights, and a few minutes of post-game interviews on each regular season game. Not fantastic, but not a bad, cheap alternative. Then what I do is try to listen to the radio broadcasts online when I can.

    I have also discovered that at least one channel on my cable package shows random NFL games - Sportmania (they also show random baseball, as well as just plain random stuff.)
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    It seems the NFL doens't get many viewers overseas since NFL football in a uniquely American game and most people overseas don't know the rules.

    The constant stoppages in play can be a turnoff to people overseas. Maybe that's why soccer rules the world. The only sports with 45 minutes of continous play and no stoppages.
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    You can try this link >
    links will be available before 10 minute starting game .
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