Was is los in Kaiserslautern?

Discussion in 'Germany' started by Ethel The Frog, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. I read this quote from Klose on kicker today:

    "Es ist viel im Verein, was anders sein müsste. Die Unruhe in der Mannschaft ist groß. Jeder Spieler hält den Kopf nach unten, es ist keine Motivation spürbar."

    What is is going on in Kaiserslautern? They were so good last year and I was expecting them to come out the gate strong this year with Klose up front.
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    Re: Nix ist los mit #1FCK

    As a Roten Teufel supporter, I don't think they were that great. Hell, they didn't even qualify for Europe...Well, if you count the Intertoto Cup. Then they got smoke by that Cech Republic team 4-0. It looks like the same thing. Solid up front, ok in the middle of the field, but weak in the back & hope that Koch doesn't get hurt in the proccess. Sorry to be so pestimistic, but after seeing the performance against the top of the Bundesliga last season, I can't get a warm & fuzzy feeling. I don't think the team has done enough to move up from 7th or 8th position.
  3. I thought they had a good seaon last year -- first place for the first nine weeks, and pretty much in third until the 26th week, when they appear to have fallen apart but I do not know why. That's what I am wondering -- what is the source of the unruhe over there, if anyone knows.

    From the quote above, it looks like they have not gotten their act together over the summer.

    I only actually watched a few games last year. But Klose and Lincoln and Lokvenc were all getting good press last I knew, and Harry Koch looks cool even if he is not the best defender in the BL.
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    Jun 6, 2001
    Actually I think that the last season wasn't too bad for them. Before the season many thought that they'd get lots of trouble to stay in with that roster. Also this year more than a midfield rank doesn't seem to be possible.

    The Klose quote is referring to internal trouble. The team doesn't get along with coach Brehme, behind the scenes they can't agree on how to handle. Basically they'd love to fire him, but it is said that KL got a 9 M financial hole and can't afford that. Also there's an opposition forming trying to replace the actual President and other officials. As a result of that the players in KL are quite fed up at the moment, which could also be seen in horrible friendlies.

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