WANTED! Game used synthetic rubber composite soccer balls, used in the 1970s / 1980s.

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    Aug 19, 2012
    I'm looking to buy soccer balls, that were game / match used, and made of a somewhat unique composite.

    These soccer balls were made of a synthetic rubber composite ( similar to, but not vulcanized rubber ). Synthetic rubber can be either polyvinyl or polyurethane, with polyvinyl being more common.

    Synthetic rubber soccer balls were very common in the 1970s, and used worldwide. Many were used in DoDDS American High School soccer games in Germany. Possible hot spots in Canada are Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Montreal, and the Greater Toronto regional area. For the US, possible hot spots are New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland ( DC regional area, including northern Virginia ), Ohio, Maine, and Massachusetts, so essentially most of the upper east coast. In the southern Hemisphere, these soccer balls were very common in Australia, new Zealand, and Tasmania

    What makes them very hard to spot is, they look exactly like a cheap vulcanized rubber soccer ball ( which are found all over the place ). The only way to tell, is to look at the outer carcass very carefully.I will try and provide good pictures, so you can see the composite closely.

    Why, you ask, do I want them? It's because I'm collecting them, and because they are extremely hard to find. I have collected many types of soccer balls, and these are the ones I'm more focused on at the moment.

    I'm not looking for pristine or unused soccer balls. I'm buying ones that have been heavily used, particularly game used balls. The older they are, and the more they were used, the more I'm willing to pay for one. These old soccer balls will no longer be used, so if they do not hold air, that's not important.

    So how much is one worth, you ask? Depending on age, how much it was used, the condition of the outer carcass ( not related to game/match use ), and general history, I'd be willing to offer up $400 USD for one ball.











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