Walk of pitch, mate.?

Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by 0-Point, Nov 18, 2004.

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    Jun 5, 2004
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    PFA boss reckons England's players shoudda boycotted the the Spain game - is that a good idea in general? - Holland seems 2 lead the way in these matters as their refs have the power to stop games if fans use excessive racial abuse or bad-mouth officials.
    If a national team has the backing of its football authorities and manager 2 take such action in extreme circumstances then maybe it's a good. The danger is it could create a global footballing aparthied if misused - not good. :cool:
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    Sep 2, 2004
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    The game should continue as normal and the stewards/police should justify their jobs instead of sitting on their arse. Why should the game be stopped and normal fans punished for the behaviour of a few idiots. It is for the stewards and police to deal with. Let's hope the useless pigs get their act together.

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