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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by Simon Birch, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. Simon Birch

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    Aug 4, 2003
    With McOwen's Monkey
    We could have gone the course of bringing in all vetrans and winning everything this year. Instead, we brought in a ton of youth to mix with a limited core. We had to integrate a ton of new players. We made a cup final, we made the playoffs. We're playing some great soccer right now. We have some holes to fill, but that is what re-building is all about. The season is not over, but even if it is, our squad finally has direction. Whine over the result all you want, but we're better then we were last year. and with alot of cap room this off-season, we can add a wing a forward. We're set ing goal and along the backline for the most part. Midfield might need a tweak here or there.....Gaven and Magee are good now and will be great in the long-term. Oh no, the sky is falling!
  2. Roehl Sybing

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    This isn't a chicken little scenario. No true fan of any team and of any sport should ever be content until his or her team wins something.
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    Jan 1, 2003
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    What do you mean "we're playing some great soccer now."? Please! And "our squad finally has direction."? Not on the field, it doesn't.

    The kids on the team are not the problem, nor even journeymen like Wolyniec. Christ, they're the only ones with consistant life out there and providing excitement. It's guys like Mathis and Williams who aren't pulling their weight. That is what is upsetting to most of the fans, and they're right.

    The veterans either aren't willing or are unable to take it up to another level. The cheers and sense of relief to those around me last night when Bradley finally made the substitutions (of course, waiting until "we" were behind) was palpable. These guys could make this club an actual contender. Instead, they're the reason the MetroStars are going to be also-rans this year.

    That may be good enough for you, but most of the fans realize more could have been accomplished. Don't imply the club is over-achieveing and everybody should all be greatful and shut up. It's under-achieveing and the reason are some of the vets.

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