W-League Championships Preview

Discussion in 'US Women's Lower Divisions' started by OnTheSidelines, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I've finished a W-League championships preview.


    I hope it covers everything you wanted to know about the final four teams: Vancouver, Denver, Boston and Charlotte.

    There's a lot of interesting stories that go untold in the W-League. I only wish I could tell more of them.

    I wish I could be there this weekend. I am glad, though, that there'll be more than 30 people watching the final. If Vancouver gets to the final, there should be a good crowd for the delayed FSW TV broadcast on Sunday.

    Enjoy the preview.
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    Thanks for the write-up on this. Maybe a few names there that will appear in the WUSA next year. Is the New York Power eyeing that Defender of the Year? ;)
    How do they handle this, given the amateur status of the W-League?
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    Great article! I think a good crowd will show up to the games but it is sad to see how much the attendance has gone down in Vancouver since last year. Hopefully though that this will change things around and that great crowds show up.

    GO VANCOUVER GO!!!!!!!!!!!

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