Voting in the Congo

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    Dec 19th 2005

    Voting has been extended in a referendum that marks the first
    democratic, nationwide vote in Congo in four decades. If endorsed, a
    new constitution should allow for general elections in 2006 and might
    help establish democracy after years of war and dictatorship. The
    future of this resource-rich and massive country, the size of western
    Europe, may do much to influence Africa's prospects as a whole

    IT IS one thing to end a war; quite another to keep the peace, hold
    fair elections and see a decent government installed. As in Iraq,
    another resource-rich and hard-to-govern country that matters greatly
    to its region, the Democratic Republic of Congo is supposed to be
    leaving behind dictatorship and conflict in favour of democracy. A
    referendum on a new constitution, which began on Sunday December 18th,
    marks an important moment in that process. Despite some violence and
    intimidation, many of the roughly 24m registered voters, from the
    bustling streets of Kinshasa, the capital, to remote jungle villages
    that are reached only by canoe, turned out to approve (or not) a new
    set of institutions for the former Belgian colony.

    One more piece of good news about democracy taking hold around the world. Good luck to the people of the Congo
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    What is it about Presidents named George Bush, that they bring democracy to millions?
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    Stop being positive, it makes me feel as though I'm missing something.
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    'Yes' vote takes early lead in Congo referendum

    KINSHASA (Reuters) - The "Yes" vote in Democratic Republic of Congo's referendum on whether to accept a post-war constitution took a strong early lead on Tuesday after a poll seen as paving the way for elections next year, officials said.

    Sunday's vote was the first independent election to be held in the vast central African country for over 40 years, a period during which it has suffered dictatorship, wars and chaos.

    "From votes counted across the country, the 'Yes' has 78.47 percent and the 'No' has 21.03 percent," Apollinaire Malu Malu, president of the Independent Electoral Commission, told reporters in Kinshasa.

    He said votes had been counted from 12,200 — nearly 34 percent — of the 36,000 polling stations nationwide.

    Almost 80% of the population apparently agrees that debate, not civil war is the answer. What a shining example this could be for the rest of Africa.

    Sorry to see that there's not much interest in democracy taking hold around the world. I would have expected more comment both here and in the Afghani parliament treads.

    I'm joining the Dammit! fanclub here. Go Democracy!
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    Don't worry. As soon as COngo's military gets hold of a couple biplanes and few used Lund fishing boats, war with Rwanda will break out when they Rwandan troops still refuse to leave Congo. ;)

    This is good news but Congo has a long way to go.

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