Villarreal vs. Getafe [R] 12/18/05

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    Villarreal defeats Getafe 2-1 in a wonderful comeback.
    20 minutes in, Riki scored for Getafe who then proceeded to own the match. Villarreal looked unable to control possesion or put anything together. Later in the first half several fouls were committed by Getafe resulting in what was honestly the best shot of the match. Just outside of the area along the right side Riquelme lined up and shot straight to the upper 90 of the right side of the goal. It hit the cross bar and bounced into the goal before popping out. This made many, including myself, think that it didn't count but upon the review it was clearly 2 feet into the net. 1-1 with about 10 seconds of injury time left.
    >then I made a sandwich<
    The second half showed Villarreal much stronger than the first and this proved advantageous as Forlan, who had been missing crosses and shots all game long hit a cross started by Riquelme and then dummied, I believe, by Jose Mari. I couldn't tell, or remember, if Mari got a piece of this or not, but Forlan wasted no time in knocking it in with the left foot. Riki almost got an equaliser for Getafe but it was saved. Guayre came on in the late part of the 2nd half for Jose Mari and created several chances but couldn't put any away. Villarreal now sit in 4th place, tied with Deportiva. Real Madrid is merely ahead by a 2 goal differential. Osasuna are 6 points ahead in 2nd, and Barcelona is a measely 11 points away :D

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