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Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by MouseyTongue, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Much to my chagrin, I really can't go to the swamp on Saturday for this match. Even more disconcerting is that I don't get WB56. And to add insult to injury, Direct Kick is not available on my cable provider. So I am left with the options of buying a dish or traveling somewhere to watch the match (presumably to the east).

    I take it that most of the hard-core fans will be on the bus and almost all the rest of us left behind will be able to watch at home. But assuming that I'm not the ONLY person who can't watch at home, has anyone considered watching the match together somewhere?

    Even if nothing is organized for this match, I would appreciate a discussion of west-of-Boston viewing locations. I know we've had this discussion before and it never really materialized in a location. The closest thing to a regular spot that was suggested was Smokey Bones, but the one in Springfield is now closed. Any ideas for Worcester?

    I will watch it on-line if necessary, but if it is true that that will cease to be free, I will want to go somewhere to watch games on TV since the on-line version has never been that satisfying for me (at least until I buy a faster computer).

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    you can buy DK on MLSnet i belive...but I agree that sitting infront of your computer isn't that fun if your not looking at Anna Benson

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