Pre-match: VfL Bochum VS SV Sandhausen Tips German Bundesliga 2

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which team will be the winner?

  1. VfL Bochum

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  2. SV Sandhausen

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    Nat'l Team:
    German Bundesliga 2---Match Time:1/3/2020 20:30 Sunday GMT + 8


    [Goaloo Data]
    1.VfL Bochum defeated Dynamo Dresden 2-1 last game and was slightly far from the relegation zone by only 3 points. The team is not relieved at the moment. VfL Bochum is not weak and it ranked middle of German Bundesliga 2. However, due to the poor defense this season, it had 41 goals conceded, which was the 3rd most in German Bundesliga 2. However, even though VfL Bochum did not rank well, it had very good attack with only two games where it failed to score in the last 10 games.

    2.SV Sandhausen is coaches by 48-year-old local coach Koschinat. After taking over SV Sandhausen last season, he helped the team get rid of the danger of relegation. In season’s German Bundesliga 2, SV Sandhausen is now ranking the 12th with 27 points after 23 rounds. It lost to Karlsruher SC 0-2 last game suffered a 4-game losing steak and its state can not be worse.

    3.In the last 10 against games with VfL Bochum, SV Sandhausen won only one game, being not dominant.

    VfL Bochum VS SV Sandhausen Livescore H2H Odds Comparison

    [Odds Analysis]
    1.VfL Bochum winning index was 2.40, which was 2.20, showing more support to the team. As the difference between VfL Bochum and SV Sandhausen in strength is not distinctive and VfL Bochum ranks slightly poorer, VfL Bochum winning index of 2.20 is somehow authentic. Draw index of 3.49 and SV Sandhausen winning index of 3.00 are very modest and can hardly attract much attention.

    2.According to Goaloo data, the bookmaker is offering odd of VfL Bochum 0, low return, which was VfL Bochum -0.25, medium and high return later. Although VfL Bochum was much dominant in previous against games with SV Sandhausen, VfL Bochum was not dominant in odds. Odd increased from VfL Bochum 0 to VfL Bochum-0.25 showed much support to the team. Although bookmakers did not have 100% confidence in VfL Bochum winning, they are somehow likely to believe in VfL Bochum being unbeaten. Therefore, it is suggested to bet on VfL Bochum.

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