VfL Bochum vs. Borussia Dortmund 26/10/03 [R]

Discussion in 'Germany' started by SoccerFan8270, Oct 26, 2003.

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    Oct 7, 2003
    Post predictions/thoughts about the game...
  2. pathil

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    Oct 20, 2003
    boring...the bochumer are of the opinion, that the matches between borussia dortmund and the vfl bochum are something like big and very interesting derbies! but for me it is a match like the other 31, only matches against GE(lsenkacken) are derbies.

    i am of the opinion, borussia will win 3-1.
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    Nov 11, 2002
    Full Time

    VFL Bochum-3
    BVB 09-0

    Fuck, wasn't expecting this at all.
  4. jonam

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    Aug 27, 2003
    the good news:
    -8,000 bvb fans turned the away match into a home match
    -we had some chance and had more of the game till kehl's red card

    what makes me sad:
    -we lost 3-0
    -kehl's red card
    -jensen and bergdolmo's performances

    jonam, http://www.schwatzgelb.com

    (match report will be online by tomorrow at least)
  5. jonam

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    Aug 27, 2003
    Match report from schwatzgelb.com

    Not a derby loss

    (borussiamaniac) No doubt, Borussia got defeated at the Ruhrstadion of Bochum. The 3-0 was the logic result of a permanent lack of concentration. But the crowd did not witness a derby loss.
    It is a matter of fact that Dortmund vs. Sch*lke matches are commonly reffered to as derbies. Although the media and Bochum fans like to attach the same importance to Bochum vs. Dortmund nobody wearing black and yellow will ever share this opinion. Generally, the neighbours are regarded as quite uninteresting. This point-of-view keeps causing anger among Bochum supporters. On Sunday, some of them had great fun presenting black and yellow double poled banners, which they had stolen from a 16-year old months before. But this conflict should not take too much space here as it still is rather UNIMPORTANT.

    The choreography - it's always the same

    Kick off
    Before the match started, the home stands showed a choreography. It said something like “We are the fire in the Ruhr area – you are the boring rich.” A banner on the Dortmund side read “Derby’s already done” (vs. Sch*lke, of course) alluding to the widely differing meanings about the importance of the current match.

    The approximately 5000 visitors’ fans were in good hope – and very soon disappointed. The match had only reached its 8th minute when Ricken let Bochum’s Bönig play a nice cross from the left wing and Vahid “helicopter” Hashemian took off and scored with a header. The Dortmund defense, especially Jensen and Bergdölmo, should have had a sign attached “Temporarily out of order.”

    A shock, indeed, but Dortmund found the way back into play. Bochum keeper Van Duijnhoven had already saved shots by Ricken and Ewerthon when the latter took volley a cross by Jensen, which flew just over the bar (21st).

    Definitely the best chance for the tying goal was a free kick (24th). Van Duijnhoven left his place and approached his defensive players for some orders, Ricken reacted, shot – and missed the empty goal. Though it was exactly the same squad who had crashed Hannover one week before, the six goals seemed far out of reach.

    The optimism among the black and yellow crowd took the train home to Dortmund in the 32nd minute of play. Somewhere in the no man’s land of the midfield Kehl lost the ball to Zdebel and – call it frustration, over-motivation or insanity – kicked the balls of the Bochum player from behind. Red card and an early shower for the defensive midfielder. Another sent-off for Kehl this season after his body-check against the referee in a pre-season tournament. This will have serious consequences. Keep checking schwatzgelb.com for details.

    Thus, the defensive department had lost any trace of stability. The VFL started dominating in their home ground but that had no influence on the score after 45 minutes.

    The fans: good performance

    No replacements
    Sammer remained cautious and so no additional offensive player found himself on the pitch for the second half. Borussia started without power but Bochum did. Weidenfeller made two great saves. In the 56th minute it was again Hashemian who used his head for whats it’s all about in football. A cross by Buckley, Weidenfeller was unsure, rushed out, made a few steps back and the ball went through his legs and over the line. 2-0.

    The supporters in the guests’ area resigned, but only as far as sports was concerned. A new song was celebebrated and continuously sung for more than an hour. The BVB fans in the seating block rised and joined. The free kick by Oliseh, which made the final score of 3-0 was almost unnoticed.

    A really bad day and consequently a loss against a strong neighbour. Dortmund lacked concentration and the defense almost fell apart after the red card for Kehl. But it was not the same weak performance we all have seen so often on the road. It is a pity that Sammer lets 77 minutes pass before he sends an additional offensive player to the pitch. The support was brilliant and can hopefully be transferred to the away match at Mönchengladbach in the FA Cup. It was the fans who represented Dortmund on this Sunday evening and not the players. Or, as Sammer said: "We're back in reality."


    Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller (4,5) - Fernandez (5), Wörns (2), Bergdölmo (5,5), Jensen (6) - Ricken (3), Kehl (6, for stupidity), Reuter (4,5), Dede (2,5) - Koller (4,5), Ewerthon (3)

    VFL Bochum: Van Duijnhoven - Colding, Kalla, Fahrenhorst, Bönig - Zdebel, Oliseh, Wosz - Hashemian, Madsen, Diabang

    Player changes: 46th Buckley for Diabang, 60th Stevic for Zdebel, 77th B. Gudjonsson for Hashemian - 77th Reina (-) for Dede, 85th Odonkor (-) for Ricken.

    Goals: 1-0 Hashemian (8th), 2-0 Hashemian (47th), 3-0 Oliseh (79th)

    Yellow Cards: Colding, Zdebel, Oliseh, Buckley - Ricken, Wörns

    Red card: Kehl (32nd)

    Attendance: 32,645 (sold out)

    Referee: Lutz Michael Fröhlich (5), not his best day

    borussiamaniac - 10-27-2003

    jonam, http://www.schwatzgelb.com

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